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Holly Jolly Christmas

December 6, 2009

So today marked 4 weeks of me going to the gym. Remarkably, and much to my surprise, no one threw a parade or even a party! Not a single balloon dropped down from the ceiling and no one patted me on the back. I did up my 30 min on the treadmill to 35 though. So I suppose that is something right?

Actually I’m really surprised by the whole actually having finished a month of doing it.  And proud of myself. I haven’t seen any real changes in my body, but I notice things. I have more energy, I am not so out of breath when going up stairs and thats what I am aiming for so I am pleased with how things are going. I am also getting used to the satisfaction I feel when I’m walking out of the building, body sore but good. It’s weird though to turn on the a/c in my car in december but I am often so overheated it seems necessary.

But beyond the smug self satisfaction I am feeling regarding my diligence in working out, things are plugging along here..Finals are next week and I am tired already from all the studying. But I slog on, though I am taking a break for tonight because otherwise I might just eat a book and those things are dreadfully expensive.

The party is being planned enough and tomorrow I will begin to clean the house for it. I have begun to decorate, the tree is up, the windows are covered with stickers, the door has a long white hanging and a wreath and sometime soon there will be lovely colored icicles hanging off of the gutter so that we light up the street along with the other houses. I love having children when christmas comes along, Hunter is over the moon with excitement and has spent the past two days practically climbing up the wall. We’ve broken two balls, one a worthless bit, the other..hand blow glass I’ve had for nearly ten years. I am really sad about the latter.

It has taken me like three days to finish this thing.

This studying for finals thing is kicking my ass. I have actual chips on the ground crunched up into the carpet from my attempts today to keep TT the second off of my homework. I only say this because once I am done and hit the publish button I will go vacuum, so you can’t have big judgy thoughts about me but it is a fact that right now there is food ground into my carpet so that I might study in peace.

It’s not totally all lord of the flies around here. We’ve gotten hot food on the table, baths have been issued, laundry done (though it lingers in baskets waiting to be folded and put away in all honesty) but I am just crazy overwhelmed with notes and chapters and this and that. So if I go quiet next week, you’ll know why.

Right now though? I have to start a roast..and get the carpet vacuumed and then go back to texas legislature and how it is awesome!!! AWESOME.

Right. At least there will be mashed potatoes.