You  know you’re truly motivated when you go to work out even if you’re hurting already.

Now it’s not a really -big- hurt, just my back was already sore and while I promised myself that I was going to take it easy and I did by not pushing myself past boundaries I had already established myself last time I worked out, I had to laugh as I stretched out and felt twinges. A year ago? if I had a twinge it would have been ‘OH my god! Pass me a bonbon this is serious!’  Now one short month into this program I’m telling myself ‘It will be better if you work out. Might even make it feel better.’ For the record it didn’t. I’m still sore and tender, but it’s not worse and I popped some advil to make it go away anyways.

I also managed to figure out what is going on for dinner, do some laundry, take care of the littlest TT (Monkey edition for your refrences) and laze about playing Farmville nearly obsessively (I am so going to make a freaking villa mine. You hear me? Mine! muwahahahaha). Next week is finals week and so far I’m non plussed. I know I should be all a twitter but frankly I’ll start wigging out somewhere around Wensday. Though I plan on doing some early wigging out regarding Art Appreciation tonight. The normal ‘write down the pictures names 15 times in a row compulsively’ thing that I did last time. It served me well and I’m loathe to let it go.

I then will have to figure out what I’m doing beyond the normal study thing for Pysch and there’s some sort of test in English that I can not even fathom what he is going to do (to say this man has a deep and abiding love for youtube is an understatement) and of course there is the whole petrification of what my Government teacher is going to do. But I think I have her figured out this time.

I will just do each thing as I come onto it. See where it gets me.

Beyond school and pushing myself at the gym, tomorrow I am going to begin needling poor Loren into hiking up the Christmas stuff, not only because I am a sucker for christmas stuff (and I can not believe that I haven’t gotten Christmas songs playing right now) but because even Hunter is crawling up the walls about getting the christmas things out. I think it’s mostly because he can’t wait until he has toys and Santa and all that but still this is one of the reasons I had children, was to have someone who is excited about the christmas season. Maybe this year, when I am on break I will finally make my grandmother’s gingerbread cookies.  It hurt too much last year after loosing her, plus having the baby, but I want my kids to have the memories that I have of those cookies and the sense of tradition that I had with them.

Maybe I’ll finally do the lemon bars and all from my mom as well. It’s actually the one thing that I remember the most from her and I will be off of school for a whole month. I know from experience that I will be gnawing at the walls by the end of the first week. I have too much motivation lately, which I am not complaining about but yeah, I think giving myself cookies to bake and a ‘christmas experience’ to make might make me ok until after the first of the year. Then it’ll be WoW and knitting until I’m in classes once again.

Maybe I’ll try going to the gym 4-5 times a week that month, to make up for the whole cookie making feasting that will go on. I am considering making alfredo and lasagna for the kids party..I have to work that off somehow.

Alright my pretties. I am off to go get Dinner started and work on my art appreciation stuff.

May you all have enough motivation in life.


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