Post Holiday noise

So I’m home.

I’ve been home since Friday afternoon, but frankly after being in the car for four hours with the boys I was not up for much besides reacquainting our family with ‘The Hut’ as it is now known and getting us unpacked and the house nice and clean. Then yesterday was still working on the house and then the gym since I missed it on friday and finally I was felled by a migraine that left me whimpering and not “walking too hard” because some heel hitting the ground was painful to the top of my head.

I popped enough advil and tylenol to perhaps damage an organ and made myself eat and crawled into bed.

So! now that you’ve had my woes and excuses, beyond that the holidays were fine. The trip down was a little more than I expected but then again I am a fool and forget that -everyone- wants to go somewhere on the day before thanksgiving. We had a lovely time with the family, the food was good and I am sure everyone is glad to be home.

Now I am staring down the barrel of Finals week, getting ready for the Christmas Rush and of course, Gabe’s Birthday. I’m holding that party on the 13th which somehow I’ve deemed to be far enough away from Christmas as to not be ridiculous and yet close enough to his birthday (three days fyi) that we can be all cool. Of course this party is more for us than him, he won’t care/know what is going on. But I would like for all of us to get together and have some fun and relax after finals. I plan on doing Pioneer woman’s lasagna and perhaps her alfredo, I was thinking of doing some shrimp as well, burgers, and hotdogs and of course the chips and all that.

I am at least going to provide a decent spread for those who are brave enough to come out and do a kids party. Which will basically be the kid getting loud noisy toys and us standing around and eating. Good times.

I am surprisingly not all that worried about my finals. I mean I’m going through the regular level of nervousness and determination, but since so far none of my finals are going to be comprehensive it shouldn’t be any harder than the exams I’ve already had. So I’ll be up to my nose in studying for a lot of exams but I am fairly confident if I do my normal over done over blown study routine and I will do alright.

This week of course will be finals review in classes and all that. I have a presentation to do for english but that should be easy and on tuesday I am hoping that Lissa and I can go to see the Pioneer Woman when she comes to town. And of course the cleaning and rearranging for the party and putting up christmas decorations. Should be enough to keep me insane!

I am also going to try to get some pictures of the knitting I’ve been doing and get them updated on revelry and here. So yeah, lets see how much actually gets accomplished and how little I manage to do. I always do this, make huge huge plans and never have any ability to get them taken care of. I have my priorities though and will focus on them.

Right now, I’m going to go change a butt and finish watching Night at the Museum 2  Have a good day!


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