From the Trenches

I should be studying.

Right now I should be going through my Drama Essay which is already written, and hand writing out the pysch notes concerning abnormal syndromes. I am however, not, I am doing the ridiculous thing that I barely dare admit to…playing in facebook. I am addicted to Farmville thanks to my family and friends and I have made the entire house addicted to it as well.

So yes, instead of being a true over achiever and immediately coming home from a Gov exam and an Art Appreciation presentation (including art project, power point presentation and paper) I am letting some of my brains leak out of my ears and planting blueberries. Oh and writing in here. Because I meant to do it yesterday however, that whole paper-project- presentation-test combo plus working out was a huge kick to the shins and I never managed to pull myself out of the reason for a two party system in texas.

I did go and work out, upper body and treadmill again, marking the third week I’ve drug my happy but there,slapped on some earphones and some harry potter, and promised myself it’ll all be worth it as I make myself sweat and hurt. I am disheartened, as most lazy people who are forcing themselves into activity at the lack of instantaneous results. But I am also exposing myself to the pride element in talking about it publicly and then backing my butt into a corner so that I am forced to do it. I am also getting better about making healthier choices with food, switched entirely to diet soda and am eating more and more salads (though yes I allow cheese on them..come on people I can’t give everything up all at once) and even today I had a diet soda, grilled chicken breast and salad for lunch. So I am not just working out and hoping for the best. I’m taking my vitamins every day, starting to move my tush and taking care in the choices I make about what I put into my body.  It’s time I grow up and start making myself feel good and healthy and not just waiting for magic to happen.

However, I did say that I would talk about knitting this entry and I had planned on having some pictures to show you all. That was not how it worked out. I don’t have pictures, so You’ll just have to wait. I did finish the beach socks ’09, and am now working on the second of a pair in Tosh’s Aegean. I finished another Noro scarf which you will not get to see because I used it as an art project and I forgot to take a picture before giving it to the Art teacher who was thrilled to have it.  I am getting more and more done on the blanket and while it is slow progress now that I’ve gone from the lovely little small blocks to bigger splashes of color it is still being worked on.

So lets see, socks, scarf, blanket, socks…thats about it. I did get my final shipment of yarn from the Three Irish Girls and those are the next project I’m chomping at the bit to cast on. I’m thinking of taking a bit of it down to start  for more socks with my step mother.  But we’ll see how it all goes. I really do have to do more things than scarves, socks, blankets, hats and the like. I think I’m going to try some of the little fingerless gloves that Lissa has been churning out soon.

I do want to do that lace shawl that I picked out a while back. The knitting is spinning out and I’m starting to get good at actually finishing projects which considering the amount of yarn that is sitting in my closet is a great thing.

Well I can no longer avoid the work looming ahead of me. I will try to update before friday  but it might not happen. Either way all the Americans who might stumble past this have a happy thanksgiving.


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