Some changes around here

I have a really bad track record with blogging.

I am also completely done with apologizing for it. First of all I don’t deign to think that y’all give much of a shit one way or the other, but for the most part I keep apologizing feeling guilty and not writing. So screw it. I suck at being consistent at blogging and y’all are just gonna have to love me regardless. Or not, you know whichever you feel like is appropriate.


In the time since I last wrote, nothing major has happened. I started a new semester at school and have been busting ass to maintain a 4.0 gpa so I can go plunder the grants and scholarship world (memo to self, plunder grants and scholarship world)  and been dealing with kiddos and trips across the country and ect ect.  In fact next week I will be hauling my plump self down to Austin with the boys so that we can enjoy the hospitality of my step sister and her family and spend time with my Dad and Pat. 3-4 hours in the car with the dynamic duo should be -awesome-. You all are just jealous.

Speaking of the Dynamic duo I should give an update. The original TT (which I think I should call the original OGTT from now on, what? no?) Is in kindergarten (how the hell did that happen btw? wasn’t he 2 yesterday?) and is now finally excelling. Not that he wasn’t doing great before, he was just doing great at the things -he- wanted to do and not so much the things that you know other people wanted him to do. Like literally telling his teacher ‘No!” when she would give him instruction. That sort of fun thing. You see now why he is the Tiny Tyrant right?  However a few weeks in baby bootcamp in which his room was stripped down to nothing but a bed a table and a lamp and he was forced to spend a majority of his time in the bare room thinking about the fact that the show must go on and he must listen to his teacher has done wonders. He now is getting a good number of good marks and we’re moving forward steadily.

Except for the at home stuff in which the thought that I could potentially dangle him off the roof edge for a few hours routinely occurs. We’re still working on that stuff.

The newest TT (Tiny Terrorist) is now walking. Yes, you read that right, he is walking. He started to do that about a month ago which would make him a walker at 10 months like his brother. I am just as thrilled about that as I was when the OGTT did it. Hence why he is the Tiny Terrorist. Because he circles the room like a tiny tiger shark looking for something to destroy and get into. His preference is electronics, he’s already sent my laptop into the repair for a month because he disconnected the power plug from the motherboard (as well as some USB ports). He’s a genius really at destroying things. I am forseeing a great career in demolitions. Perhaps something involving C-4.  Only if there’s an electronic involved. He also is intent on the kitties who are just as intent on getting away from him and frankly are fairly close to performing a guerrilla attack on him. As well as all that fun stuff? he’s into his newest phase of ‘no one gets to touch me but those who live in my house’ which makes babysitting an..interesting. And something that does not happen often.

I have also taken to working out and even drinking diet soda and trying to avoid things with cheese and that have had an intimate encounter with a deep fryer. This is harder than you would expect and doing it right before the holiday season seems to be just asking for failure but I’ve promised myself that if I fall from the path of righteousness that I will not think of it, so long as I go to work out 3-4 times a week and continue to try to make better choices. I am really not doing this solely to loose weight though I won’t argue with it..I’m doing it because I am tired of being tired, I am tired of hiking all over campus and feeling fat and out of shape. I’m also trying out the theory that people who work out are smarter and keep their smarts longer. I’m thinking about Grad school people and I need all the help I can get to get into it and to get the money and funding to do it.

The long suffering and often not mention Husband is doing alright, he had a gallbladder surgery this past september which had some mild complications but healed well and he is starting to do the work out thing with me as well.

So that is where we are now. I am studiously avoiding two pages that I should be writing now and a government test next week that I should be studying for and trying to make this work again since I got a snark from Lissa about it last night. Here we go.  I am going to make this like my workouts. If I do it 3-4 times a week all good, any more is gravy.

Next time? I show pictures of -knitting-. You are forewarned



  1. 1
    metasilk Says:

    Is good to hear from you.
    I’m not up with my blog entries either. Am typing 1-handed while nursing & avoiding changing a diaper so behondedness not all that surprising.
    Re walking, food, etc: came across this via …um… Shakesville ( , maybe?

    Re OGTT & TT: yow. Am in awe of you!

    • 2
      Magnolia Says:

      I actually read both Shapely Prose and Shakesville! I am big fans of both and I totally agree with health at every size…my decision is that before I got pregnant with Gabe I was thinner than I am now and I felt better then, more energy, less aches more comfortable. So thats where I’m aiming for right now. Also some muscle mass to deal with getting around school with books. But It is good to hear from you as well! I hope all is well with you and the boy!

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