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Lotta stuff.

July 15, 2009

There is a lot of things hanging on the horizon. People in the family who are sick, perhaps very sick and are worrying me. The big kid is channeling his former days of being a tyrant and we are fighting like cats and dogs again. Mostly me growling through my teeth as he purposefully does precisely what I tell him -not- to do. The husband is facing down his own illness and surgery and though it is minor it has shaken the house routine (hence the radio silence yesterday). The baby is teething and seemingly bound and determined to put his fingers and body into immediate harm in the shortest period of time (I am not kidding. Put him on the ground turn your back to grab a diaper and wipes and cream and turn back around to find him crawling to the fan hand out reached to shove into it.)

Time seems preciously short and I feel frazzled and overworked. Like dough loosing it’s elasticity I just am tired and run down and my throat feels tight and raw like a cold is trying to take advantage of my relaxed moment and get it is fingers/feet in the door.

Wow this all sounds incredibly whiny and it is incredibly whiny but god damnit I am feeling particularly flattened and need a little whine time.

I have also done the gratifying thing and knit. Miles and miles of garter stitch, the yarn slipping through my fingers, the needles clicking pleasantly and a blanket is being churned out. I know more wool blankets in the middle of july in texas. Sounds crazy to me as well. But I am happy to do it and as my hands work, as chocolate is replaced with a brillant teal and a new block is made, I feel a little childish blurble of happiness. This makes me happy.

I saw on Mason Dixon a Log cabin blanket made of noro and it was like a bolt of lightening applied to my ass. I can use some of my gorgeous yarn to make -blankets-. Not just scarves! I have one in my head already and am eager to begin it. Blankets and blankets and more and more blankets. I will never use all of them but the thought of them pleases me. Big blankets that will be handed down maybe, or perhaps given to loved ones.

Annnnd as I was writing this Hunter started to get sick. I knew something was off with him, he’s been a monster lately but frankly today he was working for ‘evilest nearly five year old ever to exist’. I have tucked him into bed with the fan on him, a bucket near by, and Garfield a tale of two kitties merrily chattering away at him on the screen.  Gabe took the moment to sense my stress levels achieving epic perportions and kindly shuffled off for a nap as well. Or at least I am going to assume it is a  nap because to assume that it is a blessed early bed time for me would be only something that would be heartbreaking should he awaken in an hour or so.

As it is now I shall see this as a kind gift, and if it is an early bedtime for my feverish teething little buckaroo I will see that as an even kinder offering.

I will take this reprieve from chasing the infant who wants to chew on any electrical cord he can find, and seems to ferret out lighters I hadn’t even realized we -had- in the house (either he is importing them in or I was squirreling them away in some sort of odd lighter shortage fear) and the five year old who is channeling his inner 15 year old and go and knit. I hope tomorrow I will have some more reserves left.