Lapse in practice

So I missed two days. I know I know I am a bad bad blogger. Really there is a few excuses. Like on Thursday Hunter had a sleep over (and some how I remember these being a lot more fun.) They came over and I grilled up hot dogs and they played Xbox and Wii until their brains bled out of their ears and I did let them play it as long as they like because it was a sleep over and that’s a big deal and then they went to bed and watched a movie until they passed out and got too little sleep and it was seemingly a glorious time for the two of them.

Then yesterday we took his friend home and made a lovely at home dinner and had friends over and before they arrived the baby announced to the world that his sneaking suspicion about whether or not he could still be in the bumbo…by taking a header off of the kitchen table face first onto the floor. The thing is, he was surrounded by people. His Dad, our roommate, even Hunter and it was so quick it was unbelievable. I was in the living room while it happened and the sound of his thump and the scream will haunt me for a long while. I kept thinking about the warnings on the bumbo about skull fractures and the like.  And the baby that Billy Bob Thorton’s daughter was watching who died..But so far it seems as if all that we have is a black eye and a knot. He fell asleep and woke up and it’s the next morning and he looks fine. We watched him carefully last night, debating whether or not we should go to the hospital before finally saying that we would wait and see.

Loren feels like absolute shit and beat himself up all night, but the truth of the matter is we’re just entering the whole ‘Head Trauma’ phase of life. If Hunter is any indication I can expect a number of attempts to kill himself for the next few years. Because Darwinism doesn’t apply to babies. I can only wonder how the cave people dealt with this crap ‘UGH! NO DO NOT POKE THE RAPTOR. NO! DO NOT CLIMB THAT ROCK!’ It’s a wonder we survived this long  people.

In other news that has absolutely nothing to do with babies and the things that they do to themselves…

I have sushi today, regardless of the fact that my stomach was giving me grief last night, I got actual girl shoes. Like real. Girl shoes not boys hoes I’m ganking for my purposes on the way and I am knitting and reading and doing things and life is pleasantly busy. We are gearing up as a family to get ready to go to a trip at the beach. Which sounds exciting and I -am- excited but at the same time I am dreading an airplane trip and a five hour car ride with two kids.

But beach! yay!

This feels really disjointed but I am dealing with a teething baby who is only letting me peck out a sentence at a time, so before it gets to be too much I am going to slap up a picture and call it a day.

Mommys little death drap. Gbye Bumbo!

Mommy's little death drap. G'bye Bumbo!


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