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Heat stroke.

July 8, 2009

Well not really but lord is it ever hot out there. I mean it’s crazy hot, it’s scary hot, it’s got some issues hot.

It’s been another long day and now the boys (well some of them, the littlest who might kick my ass if he’s strapped into a car seat) are in a car getting an important piece of gaming equipment to make things -work- and then? then let the Wii begin. We’ve had it for a while, but caught wind of a good sale and finally procured poor Hunter some games that wouldn’t make him frustrated and angry. At least I hope they won’t. I’m getting very tired of having to sit there and try to figure something out for him.

Before all of you get up in arms, he does play a game every day, but not all day. He gets 2 hours a day to play whatever game he wants to. Lately it’s been Lego Batman/Starwars/Indiana Jones. In the school year he only gets to play a game on weekends (friday-sunday) IF he has gotten all good marks. Otherwise he is not allowed to touch it.

So yes, my son plays video games, but he is know an all day brain rotting out of his ears gamer.

I am not sure why it is that I feel I need to justify or defend my parenting choices here, or even why I believe anyone who reads this thing -cares- about the details. I feel like there is a level of scrutiny going on. I need to get past it because honestly I can’t even care this much about other blogs.

The day in the pool was great, one of those moments where the love of Gabe for Hunter was so visible you could taste it. Hunter was tracked intently, he was mimicked and he was splashed and squealed at and babbled to. Gabe calmed with him, actually had a good time in the water with him. As we drove endless errands around the city, in the back of the car was a near constant coo fest Hunter mimicking Gabe’s trills for a happy and excited Gabe who was only over joyed to make more of those noises for him. In the stores, Gabe would light up when Hunter would push his face into the carrier and the two of them would trill and tribble and squeal at each other.

Gabe absolutely -loves- Hunter. With an unending  unconditional love that sometimes makes me feel a little jealous of him. Hunter can do no wrong. Hunter can get him in the water, Hunter can make him eat food, Hunter can make him smile and tolerate diaper changes. Hunter can stop a fuss in mid squall and the two of them have a secret language they goo and gaa at each other with.

It is the reason I had another child, it is one more reason that I am breathless of with love for this baby. How he made our family so much -more- how he filled a hole I didn’t even know was there. Hunter needed a brother, someone that thought he was the coolest thing in the whole world. I needed a happy giggling baby of joy, one who puppy body wiggles when he sees me..who flings himself into my chest open mouth and grabs my face to slobber across my nose with baby kisses. Loren needed someone who shrieks with laughter when he makes monster noises and who sits on his lap furiously gumming his fingers while he plays WoW. We needed Gabriel. We just didn’t know we did.

Look at that brotherly love.

Look at that brotherly love.

How precious they are.

How precious they are.