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Long, long day

July 6, 2009

I try to write early in the morning. I think it’s something that I should get into more often. However, today has just been incredibly busy and tiring and I haven’t gotten a chance to say or do anything until this moment. It’s a good moment, the house is quiet, the men are off at work or whatever, the boys are in their beds, and I am putting on Keith Olbermann to figure out, with the rest of the country, why Sarah Palin is doing what she’s doing.

Not that I think that Keith or his guests will have a clue, it’s just that I prefer liberal rhetoric to conservative rhetoric.

I don’t talk about politics or issues here a lot, but it seems to be a lie on my part because I am a very political woman becoming more and more interested in issues, I am just not comfortable with posting them here. I read somewhere that you should pick one direction for your blog and stick to it. Motherhood, or Political, or Knitting or what have you. The thing is? I am all those things. I am a mother, who knits and loves to knit, and I am a feminist liberal living in Texas struggling to find my place in a very very red state.

Take this Palin thing, I am not sure at all how to feel about it. It seems to me that the Conservatives are just blindly following her and I am flabbergasted. I as a voter would never elect someone who cut out of their term before it was finished. To me it says that they don’t have the fortitude to handle any real responsibility. I -know- I wouldn’t be cut out to be in a position of power so I don’t run, she obviously isn’t but wants the power and glory for it. I haven’t been a fan of hers…well ever, but even if I am inherently against her in a lot of her political beliefs I am geniunely trying to figure out what the hell she thinks she is doing. What scares me, is not her and her weird running about like a chicken without it’s head on but the blind faith of her followers who just take every crazy move she makes into stride and looks at the rest of us as if to say ‘what? you don’t think that was awesome  too? wtf?’. That sort of willful ignorance and blind faith scares the holy hell out of me. Especially when it’s directed to someone who could have an impact on my life if they were to really get some of the power that they are seemingly after.

So here I am, after an exhausting day being a mother and a knitter (let me ask the knitting gods what the hell I did to offend them and -exactly- what I have to do to make it better, burning alpaca naked under the full moon? what!?) watching the tv listening to talking heads tell me what -they- think about what is going on and tryin to decide if they are just blowing more smoke out of their ass or if they have any real insight. It is nice to see though that the big blogging bruhahaha going over about Shannyn Moore and her threat to be sued by Palin, is making fairly high billing. Then again MSNBC was named in the potential suit so it shouldn’t be -that- big of a surprise.

So! Today was busy. Did I mention that? I had swim lessons with the boy in the morning and the baby after that and then I did the store and library and..the cat had more kittens. I know I know I know..spaying and all that but the little witch is a freaking houdini of sexing and manages to get out of screens and doors with a flick of her tail as I’m calling the clinic to make an appointment. However, I’m waiting until 2 weeks before these babies are supposed to be weaned, going out and getting her snipped. I am -so- done with this.

The swim lessons with the boys were good, Hunter had a new teacher and was..not entirely thrilled with the idea or the process. He wanted his original but he managed to get over it when he realized he could boss around a whole new group of kids. The new teacher is younger if that is possible and he seemed enthusastic. Gabe however was -not- thrilled with this whole process. He was tired, he was cranky he was pissed off about the water and he did not enjoy any little bit of it. I am going to try to bring Hunter into the pool with us tomorrow and see if it makes any difference and that he enjoys any little bit of the water.

Damn this post has gotten away from me. I need to write earlier, I don’t get so rambly in the mornings. Right now though I am going to go take a shower, curl up in bed with a library book and fortify myself for tomorrow, which looks to be another long long day.