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Oh say can you see

July 4, 2009

Yes I didn’t blog yesterday. It was my birthday, I wanted to go do something else -not- blogging.

However, I am back and blogging again. And I am offically 31 years old. Yay. Go me.

Yesterday was good though, I got my hair cut and colored, went to lunch and got myself a nice cake and then came home and hung out and relaxed. Nothing big, but as I told the little girl behind the counter at the cake place ‘When you get this old, all you want is a nap’. I am pleased with my hair and the cake was delicious. I could have had a better lunch but when you’re running about with two kids you take what resturants you can get right?

That being said it is the fourth and I will be going to Tir’s house to partake of festivities, along with Lissa and the boys. Loren will be working so that will be sad but we will have a good time. I am going to make my greek pasta salad I believe, and there will be fireworks big and small and kids running and screaming. I will take pictures I promise.

In yarn news, and there is always yarn news, I gave up on those peacock socks. They are horrid. I can’t  do it any longer, the weird tiger stripe of teal and royal blue and purple..was just too much I couldn’t take it. I got halfway up the foot and was just..done. I ripped it apart and then wound it up and shoved it back into the stash. Even if I have found a pattern for a shawl I love and will use with it (since it sort of looks like feathers and is made for the yarn itself) I am disgusted with the yarn and not willing to play. So I tossed it to the back to come back out in a little while when I’m not mad at it any more. I then pulled out another colorway of it which gave me flack while winding it up and put itself on my bad list. Then I grabbed some mountain color’s bear foot and yanked that on and wound -that- up. But casting it on was frustrating the hell out of me and so it was then that the skys parted and the beauty of  Socks that Rock came into my house.

I pulled out some of the yarn I had bought for the beach ‘Sun kissed Sand’ and voila, all the problems I had been having? gone. Wound it up effortlessly, cast it on with only a little trouble figuring out two circulars and…ahhh..beautiful.

My Outerbanks Socks 09

My 'Outerbanks Socks '09'

I love. LOVE love love love this yarn. Love it. ABSOLUTELY love it. It’s thick, it’s squishy, it’s soft and makes a beautiful fabric. I love it. LOVE IT. I am so glad I got this. So far it reminds me of the beach in the mornings, the dark eddy’s in the sand after the tide when it is cool  still and everything feels as if no one has ever been on the beach before. It is perfect and I know that in the winter when I pull them on they will remind me of the beach this year, and years past and I am so glad I got this yarn. Gorgeous.

I also got some of the yarn to do in grateful dead socks, which appeals tome more than I possibly can say for a lot more reasons than I possibly can say. I am the child of people from the sixties. My father used to listen to the grateful dead, my mother not so much, but I do adore their music and it is a beautiful colorway. I will also use the thraven on a shawl. So far I think Blue Moons is my favorite yarn company at the moment.

Ah well I want to get to cleaning up my house and getting ready for today. So I better get going.

However? I know that all of you aren’t here solely for the yarn talk which is generally what this blog has been about lately (and I am sorry for that even though I am entirely enjoying the process of knitting and creating) so I will leave you with something to make you smile.

Hi. Baby butt. Also? This kid is totally gonna kill me.

Hi. Baby butt. Also? This kid is totally gonna kill me.