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Summer days

July 2, 2009

So today was the last day of the first installment of Hunter’s swim lessons. He got a little worksheet that informed us that he needed to do a little more work in his level which I knew, and signed him up for already, and he was discharged with a smile and a pat from his swim instructor whom is very competant but apparently not capable of speaking to the parents all that often.

I don’t mind to be honest, I’d rather him have something to talk to with my -kid- than myself. Hunter thinks he’s the bee’s knees and is very protective over him calling him ‘MY swim teacher’ whenever we talk about him. He is convinced that no other kid has him as a swim teacher. I am not going to disabuse him of that notion. It will break his little heart.

Other than that today was marked by me driving off a new mommy friend by deriding the Twilight series (come on. Really? grown woman loving a series of books based on a stalker vampire who has no resemblance to any man a girl might run into in her life? Really?) and then a ill fated jaunt to Joann’s (I did not get any yarn. Are you proud of me? I’m proud of me) where I got some coloring things for Hunter, and pins and a blanket carrying case for me. The pins are for blocking obviously and holy -crap- why are pins so freaking -expensive-?

So now I have no excuse not to block. I am sure I will -find- an excuse, but really there are  none I should be able to use.

Today however, is laundry day. I really have let it slip and I can not do is wrong and will get me in a place where I am wearing horrible things and searching for underwear desperately. So I go forth into the world and wash things.

I am also going to sneak in some work on the peacock socks and -perhaps- cast on the log cabin blanket. I really should go ahead and go out and grab the Mason Dixon Book but I think Tir made noise about going with me to grab it or something so I am holding off. I AM however, planning two blankets ahead now, going from the moderne log cabin blanket I showed you yesterday to …well…these.

This And…this

I know I am entirely ambitious and going from socks to Blankets is sorta ridiculous but…I kinda want to do them badly and I like the idea of having gorgeous blankets laying about my house that I knit by myself. I am totally going to drive myself nuts with all this, but I am going to do it by gods.

Right now though, I am going to cast on for the log blanket I got the yarn for and work on my socks and figure out some other things. Like..what on earth am I going to do with

Fleece Arist BFL Dk weight in Sea Storm 900 yards worth

Fleece Arist BFL Dk weight in Sea Storm 900 yards worth

I am thinking shawl, but wondering if there is enough for a tank? I’ll have to look something up. OH! Speaking of books and looking things up I saw an amazing and happy thing in Joann’s. Two of the yarnharlot’s books! RIGHT THERE. IN THE STORE. I know these are not my books, nor are they anything that is overly special and spectacular but the fact of the matter is that I have not yet seen her books or really -any- good knitting books in the national chain of craft stores yet. I want a better selection. I want to be able to buy knitting books I will -actually- use, not just look at and wonder who on earth -manages- these things and pays for them. Patterns that are just..ech. So seeing her books? Total step in the right direction.I almost bought a copy to reward her and Joann’s for good work, however the freaking straight pins almost required a loan from the bank so I had to refrain. I am going to say though publicly in this little read blog, GO JOANN’S.

Also? that sock yarn you’re touting? good idea however my -god- is that some fugly stuff. Go look at the high priced botique yarns that are making it in the world and pick up a little idea ok? cos that stuff? Yeah that’s some ugly stuff right there. I am totally for reasonably priced sock yarn but I think the bright neon childs clothing is not something I am going to knit up without thinking about my little pony’s doing obscene things to each other. It’s awful.

Also since this post is so freaking image heavy to begin with what is one more right? So here it is..a extra pic of something that is -not- yarn, but likes to chew on it

Gabe in the peekaboo coffee table of DOOM

Gabe in the peekaboo coffee table of DOOM

You gotta admit, he might look a little like Gomer Pile in this picture, but he’s still damn cute.

Alright off to do things about this house.