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So I have managed to once again blow my morning posting ritual and I kind of miss it. I just can’t seem to function when the baby decides that six am is his wake up call, and it’s too -hot- to make coffee any more.  I know, I know, whine-whine-whine, bitch-bitch-bitch, moan-moan-moan. Today it suddenly occured to me that I…am going to have a birthday on friday.


I mean I have bought enough yarn for it (anyone been paying attention to my flickr stream? yes? it’s scary isn’t it? only one more shipment to come in. Which was shipped today and I am twitching because it’s my lace yarn and my socks that rock and…yeah I know I don’t need any more sock yarn but *whine*) I am still going to pick out a few books ( Iam thinking Mason Dixon and some Elisabeth Zimmerman, anyone have any suggestions?) but the whole logistics that I will be 31 years old come friday are a little daunting.

Ah well, I am not as freaked as I was last year, I have a lot going on and even though I won’t have a night off with them I am planning on ordering myself whatever I want, going to get my hair cut and my eyebrows waxed and  a pedicure. I think I deserve a little pampering. Beyond that the fourth will be spent over at Tir’s house and all..which should be fun..

Today was a great day for Hunter in the pool, splashing and swimming and putting his face in the water and startin to learn how to do Tickle-T-touch thing that I remember learning as a small girl in the pool. He is again signed up for more classes in the same level but I’m hoping he will get out of there this summer. I am proud of him and his efforts though, and I’m hoping that he won’t be casper the friendly ghost for the -entire- summer. But I am dutifully slathering him up with SPF 50 to make sure he doesn’t burn.

Other than that today was about updatin Ravelry and working on a nap and knitting some and learning how to grill not broil a steak.

I did however, get pictures of the things I am working on now and am going to show you them.

The finished but unblocked shawl of doom

The finished but unblocked shawl of doom

Tomorrow I am going to go get some straight pins and wash and block it and then ship it out to Fayne. I’ll also wash and block the noro scarves and send them out as well.  I got some no rinse wool wash which seems to be the easiest way to do things and I am going to make myself into a real knitter..with you know blocking wires and pins and wet wads of sodden wool all over my house of which I protect fiercely so that I don’t loose them to cats and children. Both of whom are bound and determined to destroy whatever it is I am working on.  I am not being sarcastic people. They are adorable creations but they are freaking out of their ever loving little minds. Right now the kitten is sitting on my chest licking whatever available skin she can get a hold of and then attacking the yarn when I bring my hands up to knit between posts.

So I finished the shawl, what now? I am on a total roll lately, whipping out project after project and I am loathe to stop this momentum. So yesterday? I cast on these.

Long socks (nearly knee highs) from casbah sock yarn in the peacock colorway

Long socks (nearly knee highs) from casbah sock yarn in the peacock colorway

These are pretty but unusual and I am working out how much I like them. The flashing and pooling might be driving me nuts. I am not sure. I know they would be driving Lissa -bonkers- and I shift between loving them and being apathetic to them so I think I will keep on knitting to see how I feel about it. I know that sounds counter productive, but really if I stop on them now I have no idea what I could do to make them -not- be weird. I love the colorway I just want them to work out damnit.

Once they have driven me entirely crazy I will be making something else, more garterstitch craziness and more tribute to the Yarn Harlot (I really need to upload the videos and pics of her. Really)

The Choc-qua blanket. I did not make this, nor did I take the picture, click on it to find out who did it.

The Choc-qua blanket. I did not make this, nor did I take the picture, click on it to find out who did it.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this blanket. I am chomping at the bit to make it. Once the sock has pissed me off enough I’ll cast it on, because the thing that I need to work on through the heat of the summer is a huge woolen blanket. Really. You just didn’t know that.

Ok I think this is a good post.



  1. 1
    metasilk Says:

    Happy Almost Birthday!

    What about making coffee the night before and chilling it right away, so you can have iced coffee in a.m. when it’s hot?

    I continue to be amazed at your knitting productivity. In TEXAS. My cool northern self boggles.

    • 2
      Magnolia Says:

      you know I hadn’t thought about the chillin the coffee. I will try that! thanks!

      And yeah I know I’m a little overheated sometimes myself..but I really am enjoying the new ‘actually knitting the yarn I’m spending my son’s inheritance on’ kick

      You are in the north! Lemme make you a scarf.

      They are useless here but I so enjoy making them

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