I am here

Just not feeling all that great. I finished the sexy Harlot shawl and have cast on for my peacock long socks. I’ll get those pictures up soon. I got the yarn to begin the choc-aqua blanket and as soon as I finish one of these socks I’ll toss that on, or maybe when I get the sock to a good portable state I’ll cast it on for house knitting and work on the blanket at the house.

I would like to point out that so far from about april I’ve finished two scarves, a pair of socks and a shawl. Which for me is incredible. I am just chugging along and really enjoying it.

Beyond that, everything was alright today, we all went to go to the pool for swim lessons and Hunter was heartbreakingly adorable about having Loren watch him swim. Then Loren took Hunter to see the new transformers movie (which yes has some language in it but he’s heard worse around here whether I’d like to admit it or not. I have a sailor’s mouth.) He didn’t make it to the end but that wasn’t a big surprise. We are goin to grill some ribs for dinner and thats about it..otherwise I’m tired.

I’ll take pics tomorrow and show what I’m working on.


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