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Gabriel June ’09

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It’s only nine o’clock in the morning and already my patience is frayed and my temper is grumbling. Three days without school and Hunter and I are already snapping at one another. He wants chips for breakfast and I am putting my foot down. This doesn’t mean that he is actually listening to me but it does mean that I have already gritted my teeth and talked through them to him while a twitch has developed over my right eye.

And he completely ignored me and went into the kitchen to get his chips anyways. I actually growled at him. He is -so- going to school tomorrow and I am going to lay on the carpet when he’s gone, with my arm over my forehead and I will sob to myself and pray that he and I will some how in the end get to a point where we are not completely at odds with every little thing out there. I can’t -wait- until teen age years people! This should be exciting and fun!!

I picked this picture that I am show casing because god is that a cute baby or -what-? That little darling woke me up this morning from his crib cooing and giggling, split his entire face wide open as he saw me appear and has since then eaten some breakfast, rolled around on the carpet and -cracked the hell- out of his head on the coffee table. Which is probably why when Hunter went into the kitchen after being expressly told that he would -not- be eating doritos for breakfast that I growled.

I have given the chubby monkey right there his dose of motrin for head and mouth and some teething tablets and now he is napping while I am fretting and worrying that he is got a concussion or something and I need to go rescue him. I will check on him soon and make sure he’s not got a concussion or something horrible. I know I shouldn’t worry so much but he is my shiny apple cheeked little monkey of love and I can not help but to fuss.

However it seems that I have spent too long looking around at things I should not have (BPAL I’m looking at you) and he is awake with nothing wrong with him. So yay. However, now this means I need to wrap this up and go do something daring and unthought of. Clean up the living room and get the house looking as if it has been destroyed.

I also probably need to feed the monsters (I did convince Hunter that eating cereal was the best plan he could come up with.) Beyond that, today is going to be a slow blissful day of relaxation while I prepare for the coming week. I even will knit some more, so that the big purple shawl can be finished before I choke to death on mohair. I will manage to get new pictures of that up as well. I am sure.


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