Just one of those days.

Ever have  day where it all seems to be against you?

I can’t say that the whole of this day has been like that. I did manage to sleep in and rest for a while and that was nice, I slept until 11:30 which for me is incredible, and afterwards Loren and I grabbed the boys and we went to the library and home depot to get some things. It’s just too hot and too miserable for running around and both boys while for the most part seem to be doing a decent enough job of being good kids are also melting down into massive puddles of ‘OMG IT’S 102 DEGREES’

This is not one of their finest moments shall we say.

Hunter dipped his toes into the petty and petulant pre schooler pool while his brother managed to be charming and adorable in the stores with high pitched little squeals and body thrashes in the cart and a wailing banshee of rage and hate in the car when faced with a momentary wall of heat while waiting for the A/C to kick in. We picked up a bigger a/c unit for the living room window (this one comes with a remote, which is both amusing and horrifying all at the same time..like redneck high class) and a grill for the backyard.

Both of these purchases are in an attempt to keep the house cool. I can not stress to any of you enough how this house heats up and how miserable it can be in a livin room with two children with the heat baring down on you and a wish for death hanging on your shoulders. I keep telling myself that the pioneer’s did this and did it without -any- fans and a/c units. This works until about 1pm on average before my inner cynic pipes up with ‘yeah? well they were out of their ever loving minds.’ And then we sit in-front of the a/c and I suck back more crystal light poured over more icecubes than can fit into a cup.

The baby won’t drink a bottle now unless it has ice in it. The big kid goes to bed with ice in his cup. We would roll around in the damn things if it wasn’t for the carpet potentially smelling badly. We are, as a family a freaking nightmare for the ecomovement. I feel badly about this, but at the same time when my baby is wailing and down to a diaper…I just want to him be happy and cool.

Then again, since there are two count them -two- teeth pushing up through the bottom front and maybe that wailing is just a by product of both things. I am not sure. What I -AM- sure of is that this house is hot and now we’ve got a big ole window unit working it’s tail off to make it cooler.

I would post a picture, but somehow in all the excitement and craziness of shopping and all that? I forgot to take one. However, I knit last night on the big purple sexy shawl so just imagine that it is a bigger piece of big purple sexy shawl.

The house is already cooling down more. I am grateful beyond words for the damn a/c.

And on that note I am going to put my feet up, drag out my mohair and knit some more.


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