Upward Mobility

So the baby is working on crawling.

I am not as thrilled with this idea as you might think Iwould be. I mean I am exicted that the little cherub of my heart, the glorious grinning goober that I love more with every breath is growing to the point where he will talk to me and we will have those wonderful mystical conversations that only come with a child growing up. I am not excited about baby proofing. Because I remember clearly that there is no actual real baby proofing.

Right now he’s on the ground at my feet grousing bitterly because I will not let him have the bottle of tylenol that he wants so terribly desperately. He is satisfied though witht he unopened package of little swimmers, which is allowing me a few more moments to write this out. Today however will allow me a little more time to write things down since yesterday was a massive rolling heat stroke in a shoppin trip. We managed the swim lesson drop off  extravaganza quite well, I came home spooned in some yogurt into the baby, updated Itunes and then headed out.

Picking up my girlfriend, we hit the Y and signed up for our classes, I renewed Hunter’s swimming classes, and then got my family a membership as well. So now I need to figure out when I want to take Yoga and work out a schedule for it.  This is a little more daunting than it should be even -with- the whole presence of the Y daycare (which was a huge sell btw) However, takin the boys to the pool to go play is a good thing and I am actually looking forward to swimming with them…even if I have to put on a bathing suit.

Speaking of which then proceeded past the whole craziness with shopping in which I got things that I had not had previously. Such as shorts. And shirts that were not tanktops that I could wear in public when I go to the beach with my family and not hate myself for it I did get a bathing suit as well and some little swimmers for the baby (do I have to put him in anything else? I haven’t even considered that) and finished up getting more other things and it was hot and miserable and I am not going -anywhere- today. Period. The baby was pissed off and his schedule was horribly awry which he told me was not alright by staying up until 11:30 and completely freaking out the entire time while doing it.

Of course he didn’t sleep in for me at all and so we are both a little groggy and cranky. However, now he is in his bed for his nap and I am updating my ravelery and this blog and then going to knit a little bit more before perhaps going in and playing some WoW. Yes..I have now joined the WoW world, your shaming me is only correct and good.

Halfway through the sexy soft wrap ala Harlot

Halfway through the sexy soft wrap ala Harlot

But I will include some pictures of the big fuzzy mohair sexy shawl (the one where I will never wear it anywhere and am totally deluding myself that even with my new wardrobe of cute things that I’ll ever do anything with this besides fold it up and put it away and never look at it again. However I will say that I absolutely -love- knitting this thing and am glad I have another kit of it because gettin to knit it again will be a pleasure. ) I am going to make an effort to put pictures into this thing a little more often. Perhaps then the people who occasionally read this thing will have something to look at and not notice that my writing has only suffered from thebirth of my second child, not improved.

It is really pretty. I have no idea where I will ever use it or if I will ever use it and I must say that using it as my portable knitting is probably not the best idea I’ve ever had. I mean knitting with mohair in texas in a heat wave probably just -screams- stupid. But it is what my heart is singing for lately and so you will find me there by the pool in the morning, or in the car while we do our errands or wherever I might be knitting away carefully and humming while I do so. Next up is actually knitting up some of the Casbah yarn that I seem to be hording (yes I just got four more skeins of it, what are you tryin to say?) and then I am going to be doing some more lace and of course more noro scarves and it seems now that Lissa has left the knitting world for the hooping world that I am taking up her mantle of the knitting queen.

It really is a pretty shawl. It’s also a really -purple- shawl.


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