Puddle of Mom

So I had hoped to write this earlier today, but I had made the mistake of deciding to do baby food and the day got aay from me in a flurry of prep work and cooking and then righteous blender using. I am done now, the baby is tucked into bed for a late nap and I am waiting a half hour or so before making Hunter some dinner and maybe considering some food for me.

Today we made, Yellow squash with a little garlic and butter, zucchini with the same seasonings, buttern nut squash, carrots with garlic and butter, peaches, raspberries and strawberries. I started at 10 am and finished at 5 pm. This should be enough for two weeks I hope. I make a lot of food so that I don’t have to do it often because I am cooking in a house with no central A/C and it is -fucking hot people-.

Of course it being so damn hot means that I should start knitting a huge shawl that has boucle and mohair right? In a house with no central a/c in texas right? Right!  I had gotten a couple collections of the Fleece Artist Soft Wrap Kit a few years back and finally after another pair of socks and a noro scarf (which I just got more noro so this is now startin to border on obsession people and Lissa is ruthless in reminding me so) I decided that I needed to do something different and while I -am- planning on doing a sweater of my own this year I started with a shawl because it is big and garter stitch and voila I needed something of that to do. I drive M.E.B. crazy with all the garter and plain jane knitting I do around here but the truth is..it’s something that I can pick up and put down, and with Hunter and Gabe I need that sort of thing.

I do dream of other things but I think that me and Jared from Brooklyn Tweed are of the same ilk. We both can sit there and do nothing but garter and stockingette until our hands fall off. There’s something soothing and pretty about the oatmeal of knitting. I am aspiring to lace, worry not. I have a few patterns picked out and I am going to start a new project concerning lace soon.

I have gotten really more into knitting lately and I’m enjoying it a great deal. I am looking ahead to the next thing already even as I peel the mohair off of my fingers. I have a log cabin blanket I’m going to be doing in choc-qua (the blue teal combination that I am eternally obsessed with) and of course socks.  I am now officially on a sock yarn diet. Until I use up -some- of what I have I can not buy more.

I mean it this time.  Really.

This thing has taken 3 hours to write, in it I’ve fed and bathed a baby, fed and gotten a pre-schooler into bed and am baking a potato and marinating a steak for myself. I think that my conversation about knitting and the like is done. Tomorrow I go with my friend Roxanne and sign myself up for baby and mommy swim classes at the Y and sign up for my own account. I will even begin yoga classes soon. I know I’m starting to scare myself. I also need to go bathing suit shopping and this might have a direct connection between the whole Y thing and you know yoga classes. Cos I am tired of feeling like I do about my body.

However, tonight I am going to eat my dinner, figure out how to get this baby to bed and try to relax.

Two days in a row! lets make it three tomorrow!


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