Early bird gets the worm.

Or something disgusting like that because let me assure you it’s 7:30 am, I’ve been up for an hour already and I am facing down an incredibly hectic busy day where I will get too much and not enough accomplished all at once.

I need to go to Swim class with the boy, drop him off at school, come home and get some food into the baby, then I go out with my girl and we sign up for mommy and me baby water classes, then we’re going to go shopping for humilating bullshit like bathing suits and shorts and then I come hom eand figure out how to get some food on the table, get the boy from school, get the baby into bed at a decent hour and not put something deadly in my mouth as the heat tries to kill me dead.

You think I’m joking about the heat? It’s 7:45 and it’s already 77 degrees. I’m not playin. The little heat index thingy on my browser is warning me that there is gonna be a whole lot of heat and that it’ll possibly hit 102 today. I am making sure to bring some cold things for the baby and planning on stopping a lot for cold water to put in bottles and give him things to keep him cool.

Since I have very little to talk about since I barely did anything besides play on WoW (yes I am now playing on WoW) and go to bed last night I think I will mention something about this whole Jon and Kate business. First of all? I am totally a Johnny come lately with the thing. I have heard about the show before hand but never watched until they became the darlings of the tabloids. Then I like most of america tuned in to find out what all the fuss was about.

Let me be honest. I think that Kate has gotten a hugely bad rap. She has been potrayed as a controling bitch of a woman and I have watched the show and really all I can say is that with 8 children under the age of 10 running around I would be just as bad if not worse. It would have been ‘Maggie Melts down again today’ show. I am hectic and sometimes frazzled just running around with -two- kids, that the woman could even manage to protray that she was that put together infront of a camera most of the time? my hat off to her. And yes, I know that she has had help and that she got money and she wasn’t doing it all on her own. So what!? She has 8 kids to put through college basically at the same time, 8 kids to clean up after, cook for and maintain. She like all parents want the best for their children and if I thought for a second that a book, or show would make it so my children would be set for life? I’d do it in a heartbeat and most of us would if we were honest.

Not that I would want my fat ass on TV like that but really how much were they reportedly making an episode? Iwould seriously consider it for that amount of money.

As for Jon? Look, I had a little bit of sympathy for him going into this because it’s a lot to handle and all the stress of what was going on was obviously getting to him and it’s -hard- to be married with kids that young and it’s really hard to be married with -that many- kids really young and he hit his 30’s and was like ‘holy hell I have given my life away!’ and I understand that too. Until he did that stupid thing on the couch where he was like ‘she is so bossy and I let her have her way and now I’m standing up for myself and I feel so much better’. You know what? You two are both in this marriage together, and if you didn’t want to make the decisions and stand up for yourself and be a -partner- rather than another child she had to push and prod into doing things? I have no sympathy for you. Power does not exist in a vacuum buddy and yeah she might have been strong willed and pushed for waht she wanted but frankly that doesn’t mean that you had to roll over and take it and -nor- does it mean that she is bad for standing up and fighting for what she believes is best.

That conversation on the couch with him was sort of like ‘It was all -her- idea to do this shit and I don’t like it any more and this is her fault because she was the one who kept this family moving forward and I didn’t like the direction we were going in but instead of sayin something about it and handling it like an adult I let it go on for 10 years and now I’m pissed.’ Sympathy for him? Gone. If he had just said ‘look, I’m a different man now and I need to figure out what I want to do and what is going to go on with my life and my childrens life and if this marriage is working for us’ I would have respected him and wished him the best. Now I hope he gets a taste of his own medicine.

Not that, you know any one really cares what I have to say about all of this.

Alright, I’ve done this long enough this morning, I gotta slap some makeup on that will surely melt off of my face, get the baby the rest of his bottle and get the boy’s tush in gear so I can run out of the door and start my day.

Three days in a row! I am getting a little proud of myself!


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