Stolen Moments

So my level of craptastic posting continues and I am going to take this time and instead of starting a new load of laundry and getting out some stuff for dinner go ahead and write some things down.

Summer is chugging along merrily and I am in the thick of things. Hunter is in daycare, or ‘summer camp’ so that he can have his time with other children and continue to listen to other teachers and work within some sort of scheduled structure so that when he goes to kindergarten he doesn’t flip the hell out and repeat his behavior ala Pre-K. Also because if he and I don’t get a break from each other I might just kill him dead. Not that I don’t love him and not that he is not one of the suns of which I orbit about’s just that he’s very four and if he doesn’t stop riding me like a pony about the things he want someone is going to get hurt.

So he goes to summer camp and plays with other kids all day while I do novel things like get the house work done, take care of diapers and bottles and his brother and occasionally do wonderful things like…knit.

In addition to that he’s begun Swim lessons this week, today marking the second day in which he partook of a class. He seems to have a good time and is wanting to stay and play in the pool longer which is a good thing in my book and I am inclined to go ahead and get an account with the Y and have it so we all do nifty things like swim as we like, and go to classes, and excersize. Also next year I am putting him in the Y’s summer camp so that he can do something a little more engaging. While I am alright with the camp he’s in now I would like something a little more..productive.

I am also working on getting him into Karate class soon, well probably next fall. I know that it sounds like I’m over scheduling him but to some degree I think that getting him out, getting him -doing- something is a good way for him to bleed off frustration and some energy. He is an active kid and at the moment we live off of a very busy street with very few kids to play with. So if he is not in some sort of activity or class his options are to play here alone and he’s starting to enjoy video games and I want him to get out more.  Does this sound like I’m doing a lot of justification? I probably am. It’s a hard place to be with the kid. He’s four. Which is apparently worse than 3 because 3 was horribly hard and 4 is just like ‘listening is an option lady’. Plus with the new baby brother, and Fayne, Bek and the kids moving the whole thing comes to a head with him being ‘ULTRA FOUR. NOW WITH MORE ASSHOLE POWER!!!”

Thank god for daycare and parents willing to help shoulder the cost of it.

Gabe on the other hand continues to be the shining light of my world and something that I can not get enough of. The giggles, the roly poly thighs, the babbles, the feet in the hands, spread eagle rocking side to side. His whispy hair soft and silky. He is everything that is good and scrumptious about having a baby wrapped up in pink cheeks, and soft curves and pudgy little hands with rubberband wrists. He lays in his bed and talks to himself, he wiggles like a puppy dog in full spasms whenever he see’s me. He talks to himself as he plays with his toys in serious little conversations that go..’ZZZbuh! Bahbah ssssbah!’ And make me laugh. He rolls like a champ, traversing the entirity of my living room one little flip of his soft body at a time. He is working on sitting, his legs churning behind him as he seeks traction and digs his toes into the carpet to shove himself forward.

Being a mother with him is an entirely different ball game. This time I make my own food for him, making sweet potatos, peas, carrots, squash, peaches plums pears, apples..and berries. We mix up yogurt in the morning with my home made berry puree and some cereal and he flails and squeals as I push it into his mouth. He is a cuddling child, his soft little form pressing into mine afterwards as we settle down and relax. Today he had a doctors appointment, so while I was cheering on Hunter in his swim class he was getting shots and examined. He has some..dry skin issue behind his ears, thrush in his mouth and a little diaper rash.  I have to admit that Loren stepped up and took him, it was a better idea because I am absolutely a wreck when they give him shots, it’s the two of us sobbing and sniffling uncontrolably when it happens and Loren is not near as wimpy about things as I am.

However, his little sleep of the dead is over and it’s my turn to cuddle an unhappy baby. I’ll talk more tomorrow about my knitting.

Yes I said tomorrow.


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