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June 30, 2009

Just not feeling all that great. I finished the sexy Harlot shawl and have cast on for my peacock long socks. I’ll get those pictures up soon. I got the yarn to begin the choc-aqua blanket and as soon as I finish one of these socks I’ll toss that on, or maybe when I get the sock to a good portable state I’ll cast it on for house knitting and work on the blanket at the house.

I would like to point out that so far from about april I’ve finished two scarves, a pair of socks and a shawl. Which for me is incredible. I am just chugging along and really enjoying it.

Beyond that, everything was alright today, we all went to go to the pool for swim lessons and Hunter was heartbreakingly adorable about having Loren watch him swim. Then Loren took Hunter to see the new transformers movie (which yes has some language in it but he’s heard worse around here whether I’d like to admit it or not. I have a sailor’s mouth.) He didn’t make it to the end but that wasn’t a big surprise. We are goin to grill some ribs for dinner and thats about it..otherwise I’m tired.

I’ll take pics tomorrow and show what I’m working on.


God help me

June 29, 2009

We have come to a major decision. I am entirely behind it, but at the same time I am freaking out. Because….dude.

We have decided to not put Hunter back into daycare-summer camp. He -hates- it, he hasn’t made friends in a month, kids are teasing him, and he isn’t getting what we were promised which was a prepping for Kindergarten. I am paying for this, and not cheaply especially for us and it’s just not a good thing any more. So I have pulled him out and the money we were going to use for this we’re goin to throw into more lessons and more going to the zoo and museams and playing with other people and maybe enjoying his first summer rather than loathing to go to school every day.

See? I -can- be taught.

Hunter in his second week of swim lessons.

Hunter in his second week of swim lessons.

Never think that I am not freaking out about this decision. Three days together and us and the boy is already wearing on my nerves, but my nerves are not the issue here. The issue is that he’s not happy where he is and that means that something has to change. I will work it out, I will find a way to balance him and Gabe and make sure that both of them are happy and healthy. This is what being a mother is about, figuring out a way to make it work even at the expense of our patience and tolerance. We will do other things, we will get out of the house, we will be busy and engaged and it will be something that worked. I think about these things a lot, think about the give and take of things, about the way that being a parent is a never ending cycle that you embark on to make it so your kids can potentially embark on it and at the sae time I love it. But this is one of those times where being a mom means that I cut more into my life and time and I realize that this is what I signed up for.

Today we’re going to go over to some friend’s house and hang out, do things, be social. I am tired already, dragging butt, fighting my hormones and fatigue that comes iwth them. But He is happy, in the kitchen playing lego batman and talking about going swimming again. I will see if I can’t perhaps sign him up for two classes, or if not take me and the baby into swimming with him every day. Something to get us out and work off some energy.

Yesterday I napped with the boys,  the baby’s sweet body pressed up against mine, his head nestled against my chest, Hunter was curved around the outside of Gabe, my hand on his side and we drifted and talked sleepily to one another. It reminded me of last summer when I was pregnant, Gabe between us still but we were a good happy family. It is one of those memories I never want to forget, that I write down here so that some day I will be able to look back at this and remember with a clarity that time has robbed me of.

Ah well I am rambling now and I need to relieve Loren of Baby duty. So I will leave you all with one final picture. Because this is how we roll around here.

This kid is gonna kill us.

This kid is gonna kill us.

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June 28, 2009

Gabriel June ’09

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It’s only nine o’clock in the morning and already my patience is frayed and my temper is grumbling. Three days without school and Hunter and I are already snapping at one another. He wants chips for breakfast and I am putting my foot down. This doesn’t mean that he is actually listening to me but it does mean that I have already gritted my teeth and talked through them to him while a twitch has developed over my right eye.

And he completely ignored me and went into the kitchen to get his chips anyways. I actually growled at him. He is -so- going to school tomorrow and I am going to lay on the carpet when he’s gone, with my arm over my forehead and I will sob to myself and pray that he and I will some how in the end get to a point where we are not completely at odds with every little thing out there. I can’t -wait- until teen age years people! This should be exciting and fun!!

I picked this picture that I am show casing because god is that a cute baby or -what-? That little darling woke me up this morning from his crib cooing and giggling, split his entire face wide open as he saw me appear and has since then eaten some breakfast, rolled around on the carpet and -cracked the hell- out of his head on the coffee table. Which is probably why when Hunter went into the kitchen after being expressly told that he would -not- be eating doritos for breakfast that I growled.

I have given the chubby monkey right there his dose of motrin for head and mouth and some teething tablets and now he is napping while I am fretting and worrying that he is got a concussion or something and I need to go rescue him. I will check on him soon and make sure he’s not got a concussion or something horrible. I know I shouldn’t worry so much but he is my shiny apple cheeked little monkey of love and I can not help but to fuss.

However it seems that I have spent too long looking around at things I should not have (BPAL I’m looking at you) and he is awake with nothing wrong with him. So yay. However, now this means I need to wrap this up and go do something daring and unthought of. Clean up the living room and get the house looking as if it has been destroyed.

I also probably need to feed the monsters (I did convince Hunter that eating cereal was the best plan he could come up with.) Beyond that, today is going to be a slow blissful day of relaxation while I prepare for the coming week. I even will knit some more, so that the big purple shawl can be finished before I choke to death on mohair. I will manage to get new pictures of that up as well. I am sure.

Just one of those days.

June 27, 2009

Ever have  day where it all seems to be against you?

I can’t say that the whole of this day has been like that. I did manage to sleep in and rest for a while and that was nice, I slept until 11:30 which for me is incredible, and afterwards Loren and I grabbed the boys and we went to the library and home depot to get some things. It’s just too hot and too miserable for running around and both boys while for the most part seem to be doing a decent enough job of being good kids are also melting down into massive puddles of ‘OMG IT’S 102 DEGREES’

This is not one of their finest moments shall we say.

Hunter dipped his toes into the petty and petulant pre schooler pool while his brother managed to be charming and adorable in the stores with high pitched little squeals and body thrashes in the cart and a wailing banshee of rage and hate in the car when faced with a momentary wall of heat while waiting for the A/C to kick in. We picked up a bigger a/c unit for the living room window (this one comes with a remote, which is both amusing and horrifying all at the same redneck high class) and a grill for the backyard.

Both of these purchases are in an attempt to keep the house cool. I can not stress to any of you enough how this house heats up and how miserable it can be in a livin room with two children with the heat baring down on you and a wish for death hanging on your shoulders. I keep telling myself that the pioneer’s did this and did it without -any- fans and a/c units. This works until about 1pm on average before my inner cynic pipes up with ‘yeah? well they were out of their ever loving minds.’ And then we sit in-front of the a/c and I suck back more crystal light poured over more icecubes than can fit into a cup.

The baby won’t drink a bottle now unless it has ice in it. The big kid goes to bed with ice in his cup. We would roll around in the damn things if it wasn’t for the carpet potentially smelling badly. We are, as a family a freaking nightmare for the ecomovement. I feel badly about this, but at the same time when my baby is wailing and down to a diaper…I just want to him be happy and cool.

Then again, since there are two count them -two- teeth pushing up through the bottom front and maybe that wailing is just a by product of both things. I am not sure. What I -AM- sure of is that this house is hot and now we’ve got a big ole window unit working it’s tail off to make it cooler.

I would post a picture, but somehow in all the excitement and craziness of shopping and all that? I forgot to take one. However, I knit last night on the big purple sexy shawl so just imagine that it is a bigger piece of big purple sexy shawl.

The house is already cooling down more. I am grateful beyond words for the damn a/c.

And on that note I am going to put my feet up, drag out my mohair and knit some more.

Upward Mobility

June 26, 2009

So the baby is working on crawling.

I am not as thrilled with this idea as you might think Iwould be. I mean I am exicted that the little cherub of my heart, the glorious grinning goober that I love more with every breath is growing to the point where he will talk to me and we will have those wonderful mystical conversations that only come with a child growing up. I am not excited about baby proofing. Because I remember clearly that there is no actual real baby proofing.

Right now he’s on the ground at my feet grousing bitterly because I will not let him have the bottle of tylenol that he wants so terribly desperately. He is satisfied though witht he unopened package of little swimmers, which is allowing me a few more moments to write this out. Today however will allow me a little more time to write things down since yesterday was a massive rolling heat stroke in a shoppin trip. We managed the swim lesson drop off  extravaganza quite well, I came home spooned in some yogurt into the baby, updated Itunes and then headed out.

Picking up my girlfriend, we hit the Y and signed up for our classes, I renewed Hunter’s swimming classes, and then got my family a membership as well. So now I need to figure out when I want to take Yoga and work out a schedule for it.  This is a little more daunting than it should be even -with- the whole presence of the Y daycare (which was a huge sell btw) However, takin the boys to the pool to go play is a good thing and I am actually looking forward to swimming with them…even if I have to put on a bathing suit.

Speaking of which then proceeded past the whole craziness with shopping in which I got things that I had not had previously. Such as shorts. And shirts that were not tanktops that I could wear in public when I go to the beach with my family and not hate myself for it I did get a bathing suit as well and some little swimmers for the baby (do I have to put him in anything else? I haven’t even considered that) and finished up getting more other things and it was hot and miserable and I am not going -anywhere- today. Period. The baby was pissed off and his schedule was horribly awry which he told me was not alright by staying up until 11:30 and completely freaking out the entire time while doing it.

Of course he didn’t sleep in for me at all and so we are both a little groggy and cranky. However, now he is in his bed for his nap and I am updating my ravelery and this blog and then going to knit a little bit more before perhaps going in and playing some WoW. Yes..I have now joined the WoW world, your shaming me is only correct and good.

Halfway through the sexy soft wrap ala Harlot

Halfway through the sexy soft wrap ala Harlot

But I will include some pictures of the big fuzzy mohair sexy shawl (the one where I will never wear it anywhere and am totally deluding myself that even with my new wardrobe of cute things that I’ll ever do anything with this besides fold it up and put it away and never look at it again. However I will say that I absolutely -love- knitting this thing and am glad I have another kit of it because gettin to knit it again will be a pleasure. ) I am going to make an effort to put pictures into this thing a little more often. Perhaps then the people who occasionally read this thing will have something to look at and not notice that my writing has only suffered from thebirth of my second child, not improved.

It is really pretty. I have no idea where I will ever use it or if I will ever use it and I must say that using it as my portable knitting is probably not the best idea I’ve ever had. I mean knitting with mohair in texas in a heat wave probably just -screams- stupid. But it is what my heart is singing for lately and so you will find me there by the pool in the morning, or in the car while we do our errands or wherever I might be knitting away carefully and humming while I do so. Next up is actually knitting up some of the Casbah yarn that I seem to be hording (yes I just got four more skeins of it, what are you tryin to say?) and then I am going to be doing some more lace and of course more noro scarves and it seems now that Lissa has left the knitting world for the hooping world that I am taking up her mantle of the knitting queen.

It really is a pretty shawl. It’s also a really -purple- shawl.