Back from Lunch

Sorry I disappeared.

My leg started to really bother me and I got tired and blah. I struggled for-ever to find a freaking Doctor to go see and ended up being sent back to the ER where they told me it’s -not- cellulitis but some sort of dermatitis and it might be pregnancy related.

Oh and there’s nothing they can do about it because the regular treatment for this is steroids and anti-inflammatory which..I can’t have cos I’m pregnant.

I’m so very excited.

Mothers day went well..I had shrimp for two days left over so I can’t hardly complain. I also finally got new shoes that aren’t falling apart..and TT got shoes that fit him and we got him new underwear too because the potty training is going well..not perfect but well.

I’m finally hitting the first trimester exhaustion stage and so if I seem a little boring and redundant please realize that I’m staring at the screen trying to figure out what I did past five minutes ago.  Monday I didn’t do much but laze around and watch Deadwood which by the by I like a lot..yesterday was the ER and shopping and then getting sick because this morning sickness is not really gone no matter what it pretends.

Today I’m up at 8:30 and praying for my powersupply to come quickly so I can get -my- computer back and stop stealing Lorens.

Beyond that nothing big is going on, I’m tired and achy and listening to youtube because I can’t access my music.

Lets hope that I’m more coherent tomorrow.



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