Happy Mothers day

Today I realized..that this is the second mothers day I’ve been pregnant on.  The first Mother’s day Loren got me a lovely card about a baby to be and I squirmed with delight thinking about the child coming to be.

This one, I got a kiss on his way to work and a promise for a lovely dinner somewhere out once we have money and schedule all worked out. I am not bitter, I know that after four Mothers day’s that life is more important than celebrating any holiday and honestly I’d rather get TT his new shoes (he’s shot up to a size 11 people..I’m not kidding) than get flowers or a card.

However, yarn is totally acceptable.

Today my plans are simple, keeping my leg up and out of pain, watching some more Deadwood (which btw is turning out to be awesome, and I know a lot of you said so..but I take my time on this stuff.) And perhaps looking at cameras on ebay so that I can get one soon for baby-TT-knitting purposes.

Of course I’m going to take the time to go and call all my mothers in my life and wish them a happy mothers day.  But that’s something I assumed.

And I’m going to have steak and shrimp and baked potatoes and pig the hell out.

Because thats the best mothers day I can think of that doesn’t involve maid service and room service.


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