Stupid insomnia

So lastnight I managed to wig myself out on the stupidest show ever and lay in bed staring at the ceiling for hours wondering what that noise was, when I knew perfectly well it was the water heater.

What was the show that had me all scared and scaredy cat? The Ghosts of Gettysburg. Yes I know I’m a total and complete whimp. I don’t know there was something about the guys voice and the way they staged it just got the back of my neck up.

Of course most of this could be pregnant insomnia which I have been suffering from anyways.  Over all this pregnancy has been about the -lack- of sleep rather than the excess of sleep. I am not sure which I prefer to be honest.


TT has a cold and amusingly enough it makes him sound like he’s been smoking for 20 plus years. I’ve plied him with cough syrup and am letting him watch Noggin..though he is furious at me for putting the kibosh on having yogurt and cheese and dairy which is a problem since it seems to be the only thing he lives on lately.

In other amusing and adorable things, this past Christmas we got the little Napoleon a beta fish. Now this was well and good for about two months until he lost interest and it became his father’s and mine domain. We took care of the fish because duh..we signed up for that and a month or so ago the fish went to the fish-bowl in the sky. We don’t know why, he looked fine one day and then the next? he was floating. Anyways not wanting to call attention to Nemo’s departure we just fished him out, flushed him down the drain and waited to tell TT.

Of course you can guess what was going to happen next….we forgot about it entirely. Until yesterday as I was preparing dinner I hear a horrified gasp and then a tiny croaky voice go ‘Someone took my fish!!’. Uhoh…Loren was closing and not due home until’s me and me alone to deal with this. So I took him and sat him down and he asked me with huge blue eyes where his fish was..who took his fish? I explained to him gently that the fish got sick and died. He gasped again ‘who killed my fish!?’ I tried to explain to him that there was no fish doctor..there was a cat doctor and a people doctor but not really a fish one and he sighed dramatically.

Then promptly asked for another fish.

We negotiated  that if he starts going potty all the time  with no accidents he may get another fish.

Second adorable thing, after I had this conversation I went back to making dinner. Normally he helps me make least the part that he can help with..the stirring the pouring of pre-measured things and helping of seasoning. However at that point I was messing with hot things so he was banished to the other side of the room. Where he grabbed up his toy pretended to get on the phone..and have a conversation with his father.

He played both roles, lowering his voice for his daddy and raising it for himself. He asked himself what was for dinner and answered..told himself he’d be home soon after going to the store. It was adorable..and I actually had to stop cooking to laugh at him..which of course infuriated him and he bossily told me to stop laughing, it wasn’t funny..which made me laugh harder and eventually he got so mad he stomped his foot and crossed his arms and shoved his chin out and I realized he looked just like me and my mother and nearly stopped breathing.

So yeah, he might be a pain in the rump, but at least he makes me giggle occasionally.


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