Still Hate Titles

Now that I’m out of school I’m stuck with not having much going on in my life to write about. I am not studying for anything, nothing is due, there’s no test looming ahead of me. What am I going to blather about now?

Lets see, I got my WIC appointment and first OB’s appointment set up for this month..I need to get a GP appointment set up because of the stupid leg thing but first I have to figure out what my GP’s number is. So that was my big thing yesterday.

Pregnancy wise, things are moving along..I’m still sore and slightly sick to my stomach at all times so I’m assuming everything in the realm of making a baby is peachy keen. Also I’m breaking out like a teen aged boy the night before prom so yeah there’s that too. I have never in my -life- had this many skin issues. I love being a pregnant woman some’s so glamorous.

Apparently though I might get a ultrasound when I go in to this OB and for that I am excited. I love seeing in there and making sure everything is going well with the bebe. I have heard some moms are now worried about what ultrasounds can do to the fetus but I am fairly confident they are alright. I had four with Hunter and he’s perfectly fine.

I’d love to do a three d one when this got a little further on but that doesn’t seem like it’s all that possible for us. However, I’m excited to see it any way I can.

I talked to my dad and my grandmother yesterday so today is mom’s turn and gah I have nothing else. I mean I could go into the horror of Myanmar but I really…I don’t even know what to say. It’s horrific I can not even imagine what is happening over there. I have put some money aside to give to Doctors without Borders but I don’t know what else to do.

Then there’s this which is just one more log on a fire with me. For the love of…a school bus? they assaulted her on a -school bus-!? I know I shouldn’t be surprised and it’s naive of me to be shocked but come on. There’s also the japan rapes at the hands of Marines and is it just me or does it all the sudden seem like open season on women?

Right I’m going to end this now before I bang my head into a bloody pulp on the desk.


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