General update

So lets see, state of the union is thus..

I need to go back to the doctor because the cellulitis is still going strong and the antibiotics aren’t seeming to do anything. Yes I am just thrilled over this and can’t contain myself with joy. Oh btw there might be some bedrest proscribed for me because of this seeing as Dr Google says the more I walk around the more this thing spreads. Trust me. I’m truly looking forward to that.

I also need to go and get on WIC so that I can get some help buying milk because -wow- has it suddenly gotten expensive or am I just becoming sensitive? Plus cheese and peanut butter and juice and cereal and all this will help because we’re struggling with money as always and every little bit helps.

Lets see..I also need to go see an OB..even though I’m only 8 weeks along or so I think there are some tests I can have done now. Must remember to call MEB for that number and get that taken care of.

Morning sickness is fairly gone, except if I take antibiotics and prenatals in one day then I am part of gag city again. You’re welcome I know you want to know that. I am thinking of trying the prenatals before bedtime see if that doesn’t make things better.

Honestly people? I’ve got nothin. I’m tired and worn down today enough that I made TT’s bed, put on a movie for him and crawled out here. I got sick again lastnight and am still feeling it in my throat and the exhaustion of sore muscles that wouldn’t properly relax for sleep.

I have things I want to talk about, the awful cyclone thing…the bullshit bashing over at a feminist post but I’m just worn down. So it’s going to be a short one today while I go lay on the couch, elevate this stupid leg and drown myself in law and order and good eats.


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