Letting go of the righteous anger for a moment

While I am still angry and restless about the sexism issues I posted on yesterday, I am not quite ready to turn this blog into riot grrl headquarters just yet. For one thing there are a number of great feminist blogs out there, I’m not sure I could do their work any better. For another I really do enjoy having the ability to look back through my blog and see my past.

So here’s a bit of daily life.

Yesterday was finals for me and now? no more classes till fall semester.  The tests themselves were easier than I expected. I went in and finished both of them with time to spare even though I had to write a 300 word essay in my English class. The History test was more of a joke for me than a real test. Honestly if I make below a 95 on that thing I’ll be so ashamed it’s not even funny.

So this is the schedule for the summer…..nothing! Trip canceled for pregnancy and other issues, summer school out of the question because of day care issues and beyond that? it’s me and a unhealthy amount of law and order.  I plan on going to Scarby on memorial day to see the Gnomes and hoping for some sort of weekend trip with the family somewhere to have a slight vacation but beyond that? nothing really planned.

I am resisting with all of my might not to start on crib blankets or anything else baby orientated until I’m out of the first trimester, but it’s really hard people. I need to work on my tank top before I’m too big to wear it.  Honestly right now I feel stagnant with my knitting and crocheting. I really want to start on that afghan that I keep seeing in my head but that means running to the store and buying the damn yarn. I’m not sure I want to do that either. However, I’ll probably get around to doing it because if I’ve been imagining it for this long I really want it.

In fact just as I was sitting here typing about  it I figured out how I wanted to do it too. I was thinking of doing granny squares but since it’s “home spun” yarn the detail on the stitch work would totally be lost in the fuzzy yarn and that was holding me back because why do all the work when it’s not even going to show? However, I wanted to have the individual squares be -different- because otherwise it would be boring. So instead of doing granny squares I’ll just do squares of varying stitches..single crochet, double, triple, ect. It should provide difference without loosing definition. Which means that now I have to go get the dang yarn.

Right, I’m gonna go grab my pizza slices and take my prenatal and finish things up.


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