Sometimes I wonder a how naive I can be.This past week has been me realizing that as much as it’s the joke of my circle of friends that I’m the latent feminist that really honestly I haven’t been aware of what sort of level of feminism is needed.

Things like this and of course the infamous Boobgate be sure to check the second page comments for the man who blames this all on American women and admonishes us to keep our mouths shut or we won’t get married. He’s my favorite.

Of course there’s also things like this link, which is so freaking wonderful and not at all destructive and sexist.

Then of course there are the Hillary Clinton sexist remarks that have only garnered a flicker of an eyelash on the best of days.  You know the ones, the man who yelled ‘Iron my shirt’ at one of her rallies..McCain answering ‘How do we beat the bitch’ with ‘Excellent question!’…Chris Matthews calling her a she-devil and liking her to a stripper..those remarks.

There are also posts like this where a woman talks about her experience with rape and is brow beaten by two different men, who nit pick her post apart and make it all about them.

I am so -tired- of this shit people.

I am tired of ignoring the sexism that is a part of my every day life. I’m tired of turning it into white noise, something that is in the background constantly and never really acknowledged.

I have been sexually assaulted. I have been raped. I have experienced sexism every day of my life.

I have had men touch me without my permission and I was supposed to accept it. I have had men and women say things to me that were designed to keep me down, shut me up and make me small simply because I was a woman. They were not jokes, they were not funny, and I’m not fucking laughing.

I know this is strong language but I’m done with be quiet and even toned. Obviously that is not getting us anywhere. I am now petrified that this baby is a girl. At least TT will only have to go through life proving that he was raised right and respects women and will not harm them. If it is a daughter I have to teach her to not fight back too hard or be thrown to a drunken mob, to be careful of what she says to whom or be attacked. I have to teach her it’s her job to protect herself and to never truly count on anyone else because even if she is being attacked the people watching might not help her. I have to teach her that they are wrong when they say that women are equal, that it is a lie when she’s told that she can be anything she wants to be. I have to tell her that suffrage is not over, that we still have to burn bra’s and fight.

I am not naive any more..and I am not going to let my children be naive either.

God I am so angry right now.


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