Final Fever

Yesterday was another busy day for me, and the weekend and next week well early next week are shaping up to be busy as well.

I got up yesterday,did some stuff around the house, got into a Live journal drama fest about boobs and had lunch. Then went to the yarn store with a friend where I scored some more Austerman because god knows I need more of that.  Then came back an went to school for my history final review before finally heading back to MEB’s for the night where we had chinese and she and I played Rummy until it was way too late.

Today it’s lunch with Lissa and perhaps some studying for my english final, I do need to re-write that piece of drivel that my teacher thought was great and is worth 20 percent of my grade. Plus my final in that class is going to be six short word answers to questions and an essay of 300 words on an article I’ve already read..I do get to write an outline and take notes so I probably should do that. History’s final should be a piece of cake. Seriously he gave us all the questions already and lastnight we went through them and answered them as a class. I think I didn’t know 8 of them. Out of a hundred.

I was really really worried about finals when they started to approach, surprisingly enough now I’m just like eh…I can do this. I need to get some prep work done for English but History I’m completely not worried about. I’ve also apparently impressed my fellow students enough that in both classes I have people who want to study with me. Which is good but slightly intimidating as well.

I was going to press to go to summer school but it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out for me. I can’t find daycare and transportation and it’s just not coming together. It’s alright, a little break isn’t too bad.  I am nervous about next semester though with this pregnancy coming to an end so close to the end of the semester.

Speaking of pregnancy I figure I’m about exactly seven weeks right now. This feels unbearably early in the proceedings. I am not looking forward to the long haul like I was last time. I want to be further along right now.  I know that it’s not possible but seriously I’ve done this once already do I have to go the long route again?

Blech alright got things to get taken care of before lunch.


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