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Summer time kitchen

May 21, 2008

I was incredibly dumb lastnight and stayed up way too late. I am paying for this right now.  However a lot of that was more horrifying “morning sickness” that left me hanging over the edge of the toilet praying for a coma for two weeks.

I have decided now that there just comes a point where you have to suck it up and live with it. There’s nothing I can do about it, getting upset and moody about it does no good and it just keeps going on. So I am just gonna man up and deal. Doesn’t mean I’ll leave my house more or post more when it’s going on, just means I won’t cry into the side of the toilet bowl any more.

And speaking of the throne, I hate to type the words and jinx myself but we’ve had 4 days and counting without an accident in the underwear. It’s getting better, I still have to remind him every hour and a half, but now he’s starting to realize when he has to go and sometimes I catch him going on his own. It’s progress..-good- progress and gives me a lot of hope.

Of course as I was typing this he comes out with a new pair of underwear..I was about to kick my own butt for the whole jinxing thing, but come to find out he had tried to do it standing up and managed to spray his former pants. So whew..still technically not an accident!

Today, even though I’m exhausted I have a lot of cooking I want to get out of the way. First I’m going to make another batch of my greek pasta salad, and then I’m going to make a batch of my grandma’s summer squash and tomato casserole. I might even make a batch of brownies after that if I feel up to it.

So I’ll go ahead and leave you all with the rough recipes for the dishes and get started on it.

Greek Pasta Salad

1 bag of spiral or twisty pasta.

1 cucumber

1 tomato

1 package of feta cheese

Salad dressing of your choice, I recommend greek or italian of course.

Boil and cook the noodles, chop up the veggies and feta  mix it in with the noodles, coat with your dressing and serve. I didn’t say these were complicated hard or very imaginative recipes did I?

Grandma’s Summer Squash and Tomato Casserole

3-4 Yellow Squash

3-4 tomatoes

1 good sized onions

Shredded cheese as much as you like

Olive oil

Salt and Pepper

Cut up the tomatoes and squash into bite sized pieces, cut up the onion and do that as well. Then pour about 1-2 tblsp of olive oil in with a good amount of salt and pepper..stir up throughly. Add the cheese..stirring or just laying on the top however you prefer. Put in the oven at 350 for 30-40 min or till the squash and tomatos are cooked and cheese is melted.

So that’s the plan for today. Enjoy your wensday..


Dangerous Math

May 20, 2008

So I just went to one of those due date calculators..and by my ultra-sound I am offically 10 weeks even.

So if I am 10 weeks due date will be December..2cnd.


That’s not good since the last day of class for fall semester is going to be the 11th. Now I’ve got a quandary. Do I sign up and pray that I go over (not that I did at -all- with TT) or do I loose -two- semesters to this kiddo? I know what MEB is gonna say..she thinks I’m crazy for going to school with pregnancy brain to begin with.

However, I really am glad to start this new semester remarkably. I feel so accomplished and -good- about myself for the last one.  Oh did I forget to tell what I got as my grades? silly me. I got two A’s…for the first time in my entire life..I have a 4.0 GPA.  I am so incredibly proud of myself. I worked really hard and took (to me) a huge risk and going back to school and I did it. I proved to myself that I could go back and be successful.

So yeah I want to go back in and get more classes knocked out of the way before the baby comes. I’m thinking Government, US History from 1876 on, and perhaps English Comp 2. I -was- gonna take the refresher Math courses to start knocking them out but my Dad pointed out that since potentially be until the next fall semester until I got back into school that I might want to wait with that so I wouldn’t be loosing the information so quickly.

So I’m taking classes I’m fairly sure I’ll enjoy and that I will be able to keep up with easily enough.

However, I did get myself some ‘good job girl’ gifts for doing so good last semester. Some of you know how much of a fan of BPAL I it should be no surprise that my present to myself was three bottles of yumminess. This time I got..

Thick, sugared and bloated with sweetness. Dark chocolate, vanilla, buttercream, and hops with pralines, hazelnut, toffee and caramel.

Innocence defiled. Sticky pink bubblegum and the thick, sweet scent of orange and cherry lollipops smeared over a breath of heady womanly perfume.

Voluptuous and indulgent! A deep chocolate scent, with black cherry and orange blossom.

I can not wait until they arrive.

However, right now I’m going to eat some summer sausage and contemplate a nap.

Freezing that Frame

May 19, 2008

So I have had some morning sickness recently.

That sounds incredibly mild. What I have had is not morning’s some sort of horrible hellish version of morning sickness. Which is why I haven’t written because all I could think to say was ‘Send help, Send the Marines’ and that did no one any good.

So yeah, was not feeling good. This one is way more on the puke part.  The leg is still hurting and while I went into the doc today I didn’t actually see the doc so I’ll have to go in next week to have them check out the leg thing.

However, today..I got to see the little thing making all this illness come about.

I went into a very large practice with a lot of glitz that was very nice and got a gallon of blood taken, my history completed and all of that loveliness. TT was there and while he bounced off the wall like some sort of ninja child on sugar he wasn’t -that- bad. Finally we went into the ultrasound room and I got to have the wand of doom.

There it was..after a bit of poking and prodding, she finally turned the screen to me and there was my little baby. Heart thumping away crazily, arms and legs waving, though impossibly small. Until then, this pregnancy has seemed a little unreal to me. There’s been an element of ‘yeah I’m pregnant but…not really right?’. It seemed so far away, so distant and completely made up.

I went through the motions of taking care of myself, no smoking, drinking or anything fun..but I didn’t really put my heart into it. I craved cigarettes..I dreamt about the damn things. I just pushed myself past the thoughts of what was going to come and lived in the weird first trimester limbo.

But watching that little thing on the screen. I remembered the magic of being pregnant. The way I felt when I was pregnant with Hunter..all excited..completely thrilled every day waking up thinking ‘I’m pregnant’. I wanted this baby, I dreamed of having it from when TT was about six months old till now. But somehow when it happened I got scared, I got freaked out about what was going to happen how my life was going to change  instead of getting excited..being happy about the situation like I was when I was pregnant with TT.

It was a complete reversal..last time I didn’t get panicky until I was being wheeled down the hall to have TT cut out of me. I was so excited every other moment of the pregnancy that it was unreal. I lived on cloud nine until the moment of truth then I wanted to rewind everything and have them give me more time. This time I realized how much was going to change with this because I’ve done it before and I got scared immediately..and now slowly..I’m getting excited.

Seeing that precious life inside of me helped a lot. Watching arms and legs wobble, seeing it twitch and move and knowing that there is a whole new life inside of me waiting to come out…that changed the game for me. I have pictures now..grainy black and white shots of a tiny little blob that’s just grown arms and legs and is probably no bigger than 3 inches. But that’s my kid in there..and I’m finally looking forward to all of this.

Back from Lunch

May 14, 2008

Sorry I disappeared.

My leg started to really bother me and I got tired and blah. I struggled for-ever to find a freaking Doctor to go see and ended up being sent back to the ER where they told me it’s -not- cellulitis but some sort of dermatitis and it might be pregnancy related.

Oh and there’s nothing they can do about it because the regular treatment for this is steroids and anti-inflammatory which..I can’t have cos I’m pregnant.

I’m so very excited.

Mothers day went well..I had shrimp for two days left over so I can’t hardly complain. I also finally got new shoes that aren’t falling apart..and TT got shoes that fit him and we got him new underwear too because the potty training is going well..not perfect but well.

I’m finally hitting the first trimester exhaustion stage and so if I seem a little boring and redundant please realize that I’m staring at the screen trying to figure out what I did past five minutes ago.  Monday I didn’t do much but laze around and watch Deadwood which by the by I like a lot..yesterday was the ER and shopping and then getting sick because this morning sickness is not really gone no matter what it pretends.

Today I’m up at 8:30 and praying for my powersupply to come quickly so I can get -my- computer back and stop stealing Lorens.

Beyond that nothing big is going on, I’m tired and achy and listening to youtube because I can’t access my music.

Lets hope that I’m more coherent tomorrow.


Happy Mothers day

May 11, 2008

Today I realized..that this is the second mothers day I’ve been pregnant on.  The first Mother’s day Loren got me a lovely card about a baby to be and I squirmed with delight thinking about the child coming to be.

This one, I got a kiss on his way to work and a promise for a lovely dinner somewhere out once we have money and schedule all worked out. I am not bitter, I know that after four Mothers day’s that life is more important than celebrating any holiday and honestly I’d rather get TT his new shoes (he’s shot up to a size 11 people..I’m not kidding) than get flowers or a card.

However, yarn is totally acceptable.

Today my plans are simple, keeping my leg up and out of pain, watching some more Deadwood (which btw is turning out to be awesome, and I know a lot of you said so..but I take my time on this stuff.) And perhaps looking at cameras on ebay so that I can get one soon for baby-TT-knitting purposes.

Of course I’m going to take the time to go and call all my mothers in my life and wish them a happy mothers day.  But that’s something I assumed.

And I’m going to have steak and shrimp and baked potatoes and pig the hell out.

Because thats the best mothers day I can think of that doesn’t involve maid service and room service.