Last night was a…long night. Drama here in the house, I had bad back pain and leg pain and couldn’t sleep well on top of the antibiotics making me even more nauseous than normal I couldn’t get any sleep.

I had my last english class before the final and got my review..and had my last history test before the final and got the final review as well. I’m fairly sure I’ll be studying my ass off for the history one over this weekend but I’m not going to start until after thursday’s class where he goes through the review.  I don’t have english on thursday so that rocks out.

Alright I gave in, I couldn’t help it..I took some advil for my back and leg, I know it’s a no no  but we don’t have any tylenol in the house and I’m in so much pain I am going to loose my mind if I don’t do something about it.

Right, so yesterday I went down to get my temporary insurance card and dealt with the cream of society. The best part was while I was sitting there, a woman was complaining to another woman about how her “Baby’s Daddy” was in jail and it was fucked up because ‘he only punched me once’ and ‘some meddlin bitch called the cops not me’. Yeah…that was hot.

Then we went to the school and I got a hold of a student adviser and figured out some stuff about my major and progression in the future as well as which math class I’m supposed to be taking next and what to do about fall semester pregnancy with the finals and all. So that was productive.

Came home and half assedly studied for the history test, tried to help poor MEB deal with her stress and some fucked up people affecting her life and then went to school. Did the school thing, getting into a discussion about circumcision with some of my english class mates and startling my english teacher into laughing when I didn’t realize he was listening to my bawdy conversation.

Really honestly if I had known that he was listening I wouldn’t have said what I said. My smoking buddy in class was giving me hell about quitting because I was pregnant…and one of our other class mates asked me how I quit..when I said ‘cold turkey’ he was like ‘well chew some gum that should help’ I couldn’t resist..I just stared at him and said deadpan..’dude when you’ve been smoking as long as I have chewing gum is like wearing a condom while jacking off.’ Ooops..teacher heard bad.

So beyond that I went over and hung out at MEB’s as long as I could because of my leg and the issues with that and came home to some issues.

Long day people I’m praying this one will be slower/quieter.


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