Potty Training woes

We were doing so good. There was light at the end of the tunnel and a life without diapers (at least for this one) was in view. Then he got a stomach bug and had really bad poopy issues so I let him wear a pull up all the time for about a week while his stomach sorted itself out because he had no control over himself and was getting increasingly panicky and hysterical with each incident.

Finally it all seemed to be sorted out and he was better…and I went back to underwear today. Apparently we lost -all- ground we had gained. I have had -four- accidents yesterday even with me forcing him to try to go potty every hour on the hour and two of them were bm’s and one of them was bad enough it required a freaking -bath- to get cleaned up.

I am incredibly frustrated right now. Not with him though he does earn a little ire for his -repeated- adamant assurances that he knows when he has to go to the potty regardless of the evidence that he is -not- getting it. But more with myself. I don’t know what I could have done differently, he was hysterical and scared of not being able to predict and control his body and giving him the pull ups took off the pressure and gross out factor of him having to change his pants and underwear after each time his body betrayed him. I feel like I’ve failed though, I know consistency is the most important thing in this situation but I’m just so at the end of my tether.

We started this whole thing -last August- people. I got Jacksyn trained in two months..and one of those months was taken off when it became apparent he wasn’t ready. TT is -nothing- like Jack. Jack hated to be wet, hated even more to be messy and got it very quickly that his body was telling him ahead of time. Hunter? doesn’t seem to care. At least lately he’s been showing me when he’s gone to the potty but it’s more like a ‘sigh..guess we gotta change again’ thing more than an ‘oh gosh I had an accident!’. The last messy incident he had in his underwear yesterday which was way messier than I’ll ever describe and -way- yucky…he didn’t even -mention- to me. I figured it out after having asked him repeatedly for the 20 minutes previously if he had to go potty by the smell coming off of him.

He was so absorbed with his playdough and his tv show that he just didn’t care that he had made a mess bad enough that required him to be hosed down and bleach involved in the cleaning up process. I don’t know what to do people. I don’t want to think that this is hopeless..but I’m running out of ideas on what to do to make this better.


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