My Guilty Pleasures

Ok, so now that I’ve exposed some of the cute things my son does…it’s time to throw my dirty secrets out into the open and throw myself on the court of public opinion. Remember, it’s only through sharing and understanding that we can make a real connection. Mockery will only earn you the same in return!

  1. I love professional Bull Riding. I know, I know it’s so stereotypical to be living in texas and like professional Bull Riding. I can’t help it though, and I don’t like it for the reasons you think I do. I like it because I find it vastly amusing to see grown men pit themselves against a thousand pounds of pissed off animal. I understand the rules, and the mechanics of it and I respect the athleticism of the riders, but at the same time I can’t help staring at it like some sort of trainwreck. It does say something about me that the only sport I pay attention to is one that a person can actually die doing.
  2. I love shows about paranormal stuff. I watch Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Haunted History and occasionally Most Haunted. I am not convinced that there are ghosts, but I love watching people wander about in the dark spooking themselves out. I have to admit that Ghost Hunters has gotten to me a couple of times but I always remind myself it’s a reality tv show and those things are -always- staged. Still, I am addicted to them.
  3. I occasionally read trashy romance novels. My reading selection right now is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (a book lent to me by a class mate that I am reading out of obligation because even though I know it’s supposed to be brilliant I find it slightly annoying), a JFK conspiracy book (I found it on clearance and I live near Dallas I’m fairly sure that it’s required reading at that point), a book on the history and death of the Cathars (actually very interesting read indeedy), a profiling novel by John Douglas (I highly recommend anything by him by the by) and a trashy scottish highland romance novel. I can not explain the trashy novels with anything other than sometimes your brain needs a snickers bar. Take that as you will.
  4. There are other reality television shows that I watch. I’m a huge fan of Project Runway, American Idol, Top Chef, Dinner Impossible, and So You think You can Dance. However, I defend myself by saying that they are all at the higher end of the spectrum in reality shows being that they show someone with talent competing to do something brilliant. I still realize that it’s reality tv mush but hey at least I’m not sinking down to the Flava Flav love show yet. Though it does look interesting doesn’t it?
  5. I have a incredibly obnoxious sweet tooth. I am forever baking some new recipe of something and then eating perhaps a slice of whatever it is and shoving the rest of it down the gullets of friends or throwing it away. I threw away at least half of the christmas cookies I made and frankly it annoyed even me. I am always looking for something and never -quite- finding it. It could be worse I guess, I could be swallowing the whole of the desserts I make without enjoying it and wearing the weight of my efforts without any pleasure.

So there is some of my guilty secrets. I’m sure I’ll think of more and shove them up here when I have nothing to say because these list things are scarily easy to do in advance and save them for days that I’m not up for actual blogging. Ha! A final guilty pleasure for ya!


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    Nicole Says:

    Sadly..I must admit that I watch America’s Next Top Model…I know…WTF right? But it cracks me the HELL up.

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