Lest I forget how much ER’s suck, last night I wandered into anther one for a three and a half hour fest. See there’s this hard swollen spot on my left leg that is now making my entire leg swell up and hurt. I figured I might want to get it checked out when it started to hurt if I was walking and only felt alright if I had it elevated.

I managed to get in, get an ultrasound on my leg, blood taken and all of that. Apparently I have cellulitis which is an infection of the skin. I’m on antibiotics and ordered to not move as much as possible. So yeah.

Beyond that everything is going on. I got red meat lastnight in the form of hamburgers and managed to watch a bit of the golden compass before we drug ourselves off to the ER. Really, that and an abundance of food network programs yesterday (Barefoot Countessa and Good Eats in specific) nothing much has happened. I need to burn my history professor a copy of a movie that I think he’ll enjoy and actually read the things that I should for the up and coming test on tuesday.

I also need to get to the campus on Monday and see an adviser about the summer semester while figuring out who I beg to help me with day care of TT while I’m in class. Also need to get Loren and TT put in the medical system somehow, even if it involves a gun to Loren’s head.

Right now though I’m going to go make some malt o meal and finish the golden compass.

And elevate my leg.


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