There goes the cereal

One of the surest signs I have that I’m pregnant is when breakfast cereal begins to taste like ass to me. It happened before I took the recent life altering test and before I knew I was pregnant with TT as well. This time though I had prayed that the uckiness would pass quickly.

It has not. I got some great chocolate marshmallow concoction and it tasted like complete ass.  I guess I’ll have to dose it out to TT in small increments.

In other news this does mean that all the sudden maple and brown sugar malt-o-meal will taste -fabulous- if the previous pregnancy is any indication.  I know that this is a lot of talk about food lately but I’m in that portion of pregnancy where -nothing- seems to taste right and I am always hungering for something I can’t figure out. I’ve narrowed it down to being meat though.

Beyond the food though, nothing much is going on. I was supposed to go over to MEB’s yesterday but I think we both fell down on the calling and planning it out thing, mostly because I was sleeping most of the day and she’s incredibly stressed out. I did have a call with my dad and realized that going to summer classes is going to be more difficult than I thought possible. It’s looking like I’m going to have to beg someone to watch Hunter for a couple hours in the morning. I was going to take two classes this summer semester but with the longer classes more days of the week thing I think that’s going to be impossible.

I was hoping that by taking two classes this semester and three next semester that I could have at least seven courses under my belt before I went on maternity leave. I guess now I’ll just have to figure out something else.

Today will be slow and languorous and sponsored by Food Network while I try to narrow down exactly what it is I’m starving for. All I have is meat right now. I’m sure it’s more specific though.


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