Why are titles the hardest?

So yesterday was an incredibly busy day. We finally got the child support order taken care of so it won’t be taken out of Loren’s check any more. I had to fight with the office because even though TT hasn’t received medical from them since last September, they were charging us for it until January…and then they told us we -continued- to owe them nearly two hundred dollars for the medical we haven’t received since September of last year.

Dude…I’m not sure what stupidity comes through your office on a regular basis but let me assure you I am not that kind of stupid.  The best part was when they tried to knock it down to seventy dollars or so as if this would make it all better and when I pointed out that we had already paid -more- than that after the service had stopped…they finally admitted defeat and canceled the debt. I hate people trying to take advantage of other people.

That took the majority of the afternoon, so after that we went grocery shopping and then came home to catch up on American Idol because we are junkies. Then I went to school where I turned in what is probably the most fetid and uninspired piece of drivel that is my rough draft and had the dubious pleasure of going through the entire civil war in one class period in history. I only have three class periods left in this semester and I’m starting to panic about finals. I’m fairly confident in my history final but still and forever my English final is scaring the bejeesus out of me.

I have to get a hold of my dad today and start figuring out what summer classes I’m going to want to take. I’m thinking two classes this summer semester and then three in the fall so that I’ve gotten a good head start on next year and it won’t be a big deal if I take off a semester for the baby.

Speaking of Baby news, apparently now I can determine the gender of my child depending on how many calories I eat. So apparently if I had McDonalds or something the day I conceived this one it could possibly be a boy. I wonder what I had eaten when I had Hunter. Its kind of obnoxious to be honest but interesting to see the genetic aspect which was described over at Shapely Prose in the comments. I really enjoyed that discussion.

Also it made me freaking hungry but unfortunately I’m not sure for what, so I’m going with the standard favorite for when I’m at a loss which is soft boiled eggs and toast. I’m sure that someone is jumping up right now to tell me how soft boiled eggs are so dangerous for me and I shouldn’t eat them but you know what? I gave up sushi. I even gave up soft cheeses and I haven’t had a cigarette in a week. Back off the eggs buddy.

And on that cranky note I’m going to sign off.



  1. 1
    lissa Says:

    It would appear the pregnancy sucks all the fun out of food.

    If it helps, I think you can have some soft cheeses as long as they were pasteurized. You just couldn’t have fresh raw soft cheese. I THINK. I can be moronic about some things though so who knows.

  2. 3
    Magnolia Says:

    Really? well I doubt I can get a hold of anything that is not pasteurized around here. But still I gave up sushi *sucks* with my birthday coming up and -everything-

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