Oh for the love of…

So I have this huge massive sprawling essay due Thursday. It’s 1000+ words and has to be documented and all of that. Why am I waiting so long to start it you ask?

Because I didn’t know it was due on Thurs, I was -told- it was due on the sixth of May but then my teacher mentioned that if we did it that way we wouldn’t have a chance to re-write the essay and since this one is worth 20 percent of our grade maybe we would like to give him a rough draft early so we could revise.

So now…I’m working on this thing like a fiend and hoping I can spit out five plus pages on the horror of Horse Slaughter in time to get this taken care of because dude…20 percent of my grade is a lot. The freaking Final is coming up as well and I’m really not sure that I want to know what -that- is going to be like.

Beyond that, since the sixth is my freaking finals I’m rounding out on finishing this semester. It’s gone a lot better than I feared it would but like most things it’s becoming a snow ball and keeps rolling ever bigger and bigger especially since I’m looking to get a Masters now not just my Bachelors.

I’m also going to start some summer sessions so that when I take off a semester for the birth of this bun in the toaster, I won’t be loosing -too- much time. I’m thinking of going through the fall Semester up until birth since it ends a few days before my due date, but MEB thinks I’m nuts. However -she- thinks I can manage the spring semester with a newborn and I think -she’s- nuts..so I think the deciding factor there will be what a doctor has to say about the whole thing.

The basic truth is though, that my life of semi leisure is over. I’m looking at a baby, at an academic career and then a real career after that. It’s all very daunting and I’m starting to be a little overwhelmed. Ok I’ve -been- overwhelmed and now I’m starting to panic a bit.

I think that I’ll need to find a way of balancing all of this and very soon.

Right now though, I have to find two more articles about Horse slaughter and write this paper. I’ll be less panicky tomorrow I hope.


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