So Hi!

Miss me?

Those of you who aren’t keeping up with my LiveJournal probably have no idea where I went or why I was gone. Week before last in my area of Texas there was a very strong and horrific storm. It was bad enough that it knocked out my power for four days. When we -did- get power back I found that a great number of my electronics were destroyed in the initial blast, and subsequent surges as they repaired the lines. We lost in all, the microwave, the phone charger, a dvd player, a surge protector strip, Loren’s subwoofer, our cable box, and my computer.

We’ve slowly been fixing and getting things working and finally got internet back to the house. So thats where I’ve been since last I posted.

I do have other interesting news. Remember when I said I was exhausted, cranky and nauseous? I took a test and it came out negative. However the symptoms persisted without any sign of the festival of roses to steal a phrase from Lissa and it seems that I am actually pregnant.

I’m in a good deal of shock, and I am slowly getting used to the idea. Tentative due date is  December 13th and so far I’m rooting for a girl. I’m still tired and nauseous and more cranky since I quit smoking the moment I found out.

This is unfortunately going to be a short entry, I just finished re-writing my entry for English class, and I’ve been up since 7:30 today so I’m going to go get a nap asap. I’ll write more tomorrow.

It’s good to be back online.


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