Wakey Wakey

Nothing like a little stupidity to get you up in the morning.

I read Shapelyprose every morning. I find it to be a great resource in the Size Acceptance movement and I’ve learned a lot about myself and am starting to come to grips with who I am and what I am. Of course, this comes at a lot of frustration as you realize how prejudiced people are and how you’re trained to hate yourself. The stupidity in this instance comes from this article about a girl in england running for Miss England and daring to be overweight. She was taken to task for her daring in the Daily Mail by a woman who is trying to bring back the crash diet. Whom then responded to the post on Shapely Prose criticizing her by saying how disgusting it was that the girl in question said she refused to starve herself. Apparently in this woman’s mind refusing to starve herself in this day and age while there are people out there actually starving is reprehensible and cruel.


It’s as if she thinks that the starving people in Darfur or any other area would be offended because a person in a country that has an abundance of food is refusing not to starve herself. Say what? Are you serious? I can not believe that woman even thinks that the starving people in these famine ridden countries would be upset that people who had the choice to eat or not eat would choose to eat. Would they make the similar choice? if they had the choice to not be starving does she think that they would continue to starve? Holy Shit Batman.

So yeah..I’m reading that, half awake and I can -feel- my blood pressure raise up. Sleepy no more, irritated and aghast here I come!

Now I’m more just grumpy and muttering about it. Which serves no purpose because I can’t reach out and slap the author of the offending comment. Besides I’m fending off Rose who luvvvs me totally and with complete abandon and my boy child who wants me to play with him. I also have greek salad in the kitchen waiting to be made and so I can feel the irritation melting away. Feta always helps irritation melt away in my experience.

Today will be fairly busy, I’m headed over to MEB’s at some point for adult interaction and laundry and I’m not sure what tonight will bring. But right now I’m going to go start my salad and get some thing to eat.

May your day be without stupidity.



  1. 2
    metasilk Says:

    May your day be without stupidity

    What a great Blessing!

    May yours be full of… let’s see, what’s good for today … unexpected giggles and two frogs!

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