Culinary Delights

Why is it when my stomach is upset that I become obsessed with food stuff? Probably because I want to find something that will not eat me alive.

This obsession has taken to reading food blogs, bookmarking recipes that look good for me and once again dvring my favorite cooking shows. Such as Barefoot Countessa and Everyday Italian.  Also Good Eats and of course Iron Chef America. Not that Iron Chef America teaches me much besides weird ingredients are apparently big commodity (pigs feet..dude if I have to eat pigs feet I’m not going to be a foodie and you can’t make me.)

I went grocery shopping today, on a tight tight budget and got enough to do my greek salad on a small scale as well as enough food to last us a week plus some. I’ll be making some tuna salad summer approaches my urge to keep either egg salad or tuna salad in the fridge at all times is raising it’s head again. I’m just waiting until the urge to slice cucumbers and onions into some vinegar with a little sugar comes up. Then I know for sure summer is here.

I wish I could get a little garden going, I’d love to get my own tomatoes squash and zucchini going. I am planning though when we have a little bit more money to get some pots to put on the front porch and back patio to do some herbs.  Something that I can move if I have to. Not that we’re planning on moving any time soon, but I know we won’t be here forever so it’s no harm in planning for the future.

I’m hoping to plant Basil, Mint, Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary and maybe even sage. MEB and her husband are offering up some Aloe, and maybe I can get some strawberries or something. Can you tell it’s spring? I always get the green thumb bug when it’s spring. Unfortunately everything is going to have to wait this year because we’re incredibly tight. However, I am harboring dreams of green things growing and prettiness happening.

Tonight is school and I’m tired just thinking about it. Ah well this is what life is about right? Ok I’m done blathering about the same things I blather about every year and I’m off to finish Iron Chef America (Pigs feet..really? come on and pigs feet? wtf?)

I wish I could take a nap..too late for that though.


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