Oh Frak

So I’m still arguing with my stomach about whether or not it will allow food much less any other substance in it. So far it’s winning. I wish I knew what was wrong but I can’t really afford a doctor right now much less any scripts so bleh.

This weekend has been fairly relaxing in between shoving my head into the nearest bucket/toliet/window and praying I won’t upchuck whatever is sitting my stomach at any given time.

I got to spend time with my Miss Fayne, got my hair cut and re-dyed, found a fabulous recipe for pot roast from the self same Miss Fayne and managed to make a meal that I didn’t curl up into a ball and want to die after eating.  Beyond that it’s been a lot of Battlestar Galactica which we’re now firmly in the third season of and I’m not particularly sure I like the direction the show took. However I’m enamored enough that I’m willing to keep going with it.

I restarted Miss Fayne’s sock and now am staring at it like it’s some huge monstrosity even though it’s exactly the same number of stitches that I began the first one with.

I missed the start of faire this week and I’m sad for it. I wish in some way that I could have gone, but in another I’m glad that I didn’t manage to, too tiring too expensive too fraught with people I’m not willing or ready to see.

Today Loren and I managed a whole lot of cleaning up, the yard and the house and now we’re both exhausted and over heated..blech, summer is coming quickly I fear.

Beyond that, TT’s christmas Beta died sometime over the week and I’m not precisely sure how to let his royal dictator know that the fish he barely paid attention to at any given point is gone. I’m leaning more towards the if he doesn’t know it won’t hurt him camp and though I feel somewhat duplicitous I am also not sure how to begin the ‘dead’ conversation.

So Loren snuck it out of the tank and flushed it without him knowing and now the tank is empty. This is going to be fun.

I’m hoping that I get rid of this bug this week and get back to feeling better. I’m not looking forward to go going to school like this. At least there’s no huge looming paper and I’m not staring down the barrel of a test so there’s that in my favor.

Right now I’m going to go figure out how Gaius Baltar ended up on a Cylon ship and relax.  Happy monday to you all!


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