Things that my son does part 2

These are more cute and adorable things, rather than dictator like behavior because sometimes I need a reminder why I have not packed my bags and run for the hills.

  1. Last Halloween we dressed our little monster up as Batman. He loved this unreasonably, to the point when Loren picked him up for a photograph he announced in his best tin bark voice “Don’t pick the Batman up! Put the Batman down!” which is possibly one of the cutest things ever. Now however he wears his costume whenever the mood strikes and thankfully ‘The Batman’ is still strong. “Mommy Batman needs a snack.” “Mommy!! Batman fell down!” Somehow it’s much easier to take orders and demands from Batman. I have no idea why. I will say though that it is entirely precious and so adorable when he does it that I nearly get a stomach ache.
  2. He’s now made friends with the local Yarn store owner. Mary Jane is his favorite store person. She has coloring books and crayons and sometimes candy and she talks to him like he actually makes sense. I can hardly keep him by my side as we approach the store and once in it he beelines for her and begins to demand attention. This is both annoying and endearing but she just smiles and makes time and room for him. Makes me love my yarn store all the more. Though I have made the decision to inflict him only twice a week at most..however she’ll follow me out to the car to say hi to him if I don’t bring him in so that rule isn’t firm either. (sadly the LYS has closed down, he lost his Mary Jane)
  3. He taught himself how to eat with chopsticks. I’m not making this up, you can ask Lissa. We took him to sushi recently and got him some chicken teriyaki. Of course we got him a fork, but as we were setting up his place on the table we gave him a pair of chopsticks to play with. A few bites into the meal I looked over to watch my son hold up a bite of chicken to his mouth with the chopsticks. He was only using one hand like the rest of us and though he was a little clumsy and awkward, he actually ate all of his chicken like that save for two bites that fell to the floor. My son is a chopstick savant.
  4. He likes to help me in the grocery store. Mostly his help is dragging me around by a cart and holding his hand up occasionally, saying in the most surprised voice ‘WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT!’ and then pointing to some kid friendly item like it is a holy relic. You would be amazed at how much that worked for him in the beginning. Now he’s getting used to the phrase “we have some of that at home”. He even preemptively tells me that before I can even get it out. You would also be amazed at the amount of sympathetic looks I get.
  5. He’s already figured out the whole ‘we’ll see’ and ‘maybe game’. When I say ‘maybe’ now..he’ll go “maybe yes? Maybe no…I think maybe no”. We’ll see is always met with a ‘We’ll ask Daddy’ because he’s fairly sure that whatever I won’t do Daddy will. When it comes to climbing, running, jumping or acting like a spaz He’s generally right. However, it’s sorta funny to know that he realizes I’m sorta blowing him off. Makes me wonder just how smart he really is.

Mmm. I think that’s good enough for now. Just one more reminder why we adore our littlest dictator!


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