Top 100 moments. (1-25)

I was over at Mighty Girl and saw she had started this list of the things she wants to see right before she dies. Sort of like a best of the best rewind. I thought as cranky and irritable as I can be and as bitchy and whiny as I have been that this is a brilliant idea. So I’m going to start it. Hopefully this will be a good way of looking at the bright side of life.

I will do it like she does, breaking it up into four entries of 25 moments. I am going out right now and saying that these are not in any specific order, just the order of things that come to my mind.

  1. The first hour of time I got alone with TT, him and me alone in a hospital bed.
  2. Stepping off of the bus and into Loren’s arms in Montana.
  3. The first TRF weekend with Fayne.
  4. Porch talks with my girls, some of the most outrageous conversations ever spoken.
  5. The first time I read Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy all the way through.
  6. My first Tori Amos concert, I could feel myself being changed with every note.
  7. Road trips to Missouri to spend time with the pseudo family.
  8. My first tattoo.
  9. Going back to school and not completely being lost.
  10. Finding out I was pregnant with TT.
  11. Fayne and I on a couch watching tv and leaning on each other.
  12. Taking Loren to see Sting and seeing how excited he got.
  13. Laying across my horse’s back while he grazed grass and staring at the sky.
  14. Holding up a new born puppy and smelling that awesome combination of milk and puppy breath.
  15. Faile sleeping on my hip, her weight only shifting when I did.
  16. Movies with my dad, him thinking that I was old enough before I might have been.
  17. Sitting on the beach when I was about 8, digging for sandcrabs with my toes and letting the waves lap over me.
  18. The NIN Downward Spiral tour with friends I can barely remember but loved intensely.
  19. Figuring out that I was more interesting to boys when I was younger than I thought I was.
  20. The 2007 Scarby season, feeling brave and sassy and able to take on the world.
  21. Seeing Henry Rollins spoken word for the first time.
  22. The best gyro ever and watching TT take down half of it.
  23. My unexpected 11th year ann. Loren holding a velvet box and a worried expression.
  24. Living through my first Texas Tornado.
  25. Sleeping next to the ocean.

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