I hate having a weird sickness. For the past two weeks I’ve been sick to my stomach, exhausted, and cranky. No I’m not pregnant I took a test and it’s negative. However it’s made it incredibly easy to just go ‘whutevah’ to a lot of stuff. Like updating my blog.

I haven’t done that to school, well not to any real degree..I didn’t work too terribly hard on my massive freaking essay that I just turned in doesn’t seem to matter how hard I work on these things.

Other than that though? Been working on school.  Took another history test in which I had almost -no- time for studying on, and did well. I was hoping last night  that I would be able to study more on the test while in English Class since lately my teacher has taken to going through long discourses that have little to nothing to do with what we were working on. Alas no I was sprung with another pop quiz, this one five pages long on a subject we’ve not even spoken about. Thank god it was open book but honestly it was just so ridiculous that half the class (well the half of class that is left) was just grinding their teeth to pointy nubs about it.

So lets see, what else? Oh my local yarn store closed..with -extremely- no warning causing me and MEB and Lissa to miss out on their 50 percent off closing sale which has left us all completely bereft. We’ve found two other pseudo  replacement yarn stores but there’s no Mary Jane and without Mary Jane it’s just not our LYS. I’m sure we’ll feel better about it with time but for right now? blech.

TT is doing alright, entering into a sassy phase again that is giving me hives and taking to waking up at 3:30 in the morning which is about to make me insane. I have no idea why he keeps waking up either and so I routinely play the ‘what is it now light of my life’ game until about 5 am. Trust me this makes me just as fun to deal with in the morning as you imagine it does.

I’m feeling particularly cranky right now because once again it’s cold as hell out there and I’m not sure why. Also this is the first week of Scarby and I have no intention of going, no way of affording or even transportation. I am not as keen on going to faire as I once was but I do miss it to some degree.

However, tonight it’s hair playing time at Miss Fayne’s and even though I have to restart her socks….again….I’m looking forward to it (I’m restarting her socks because when I got to the heel..I dropped a stitch on a wrap stitch and I have not figured out how to fix that without rip-it, rip-it..I did. blech)

I also need to run to the store to pick up a few things, however money seems to be going like water lately and I’m not sure why or how. I could use a bit of break here powers that be, any time now.



  1. 1
    lissa Says:

    Oh, honey. You and heels are like me and winding yarn – never any without disaster.

    Shall miss you at Faire this weekend, it is only by the grace of unnamed deity that I am going. Will you go next?

  2. 2
    metasilk Says:

    Um, you’re waking up at 3:30 and being awake perhaps until 5, and you’re wondering why you’re exhausted, cranky, and sick to your stomach?

    You need a nap, you poor woman! Lots of good, cozy, happy-dream naps…

  3. 3
    Magnolia Says:

    Me and heels…we hate each other.

    And yes, nappage! if only the boychild would sleep as well it would make thing so much easier.

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