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April 30, 2008

Last night was a…long night. Drama here in the house, I had bad back pain and leg pain and couldn’t sleep well on top of the antibiotics making me even more nauseous than normal I couldn’t get any sleep.

I had my last english class before the final and got my review..and had my last history test before the final and got the final review as well. I’m fairly sure I’ll be studying my ass off for the history one over this weekend but I’m not going to start until after thursday’s class where he goes through the review.  I don’t have english on thursday so that rocks out.

Alright I gave in, I couldn’t help it..I took some advil for my back and leg, I know it’s a no no  but we don’t have any tylenol in the house and I’m in so much pain I am going to loose my mind if I don’t do something about it.

Right, so yesterday I went down to get my temporary insurance card and dealt with the cream of society. The best part was while I was sitting there, a woman was complaining to another woman about how her “Baby’s Daddy” was in jail and it was fucked up because ‘he only punched me once’ and ‘some meddlin bitch called the cops not me’. Yeah…that was hot.

Then we went to the school and I got a hold of a student adviser and figured out some stuff about my major and progression in the future as well as which math class I’m supposed to be taking next and what to do about fall semester pregnancy with the finals and all. So that was productive.

Came home and half assedly studied for the history test, tried to help poor MEB deal with her stress and some fucked up people affecting her life and then went to school. Did the school thing, getting into a discussion about circumcision with some of my english class mates and startling my english teacher into laughing when I didn’t realize he was listening to my bawdy conversation.

Really honestly if I had known that he was listening I wouldn’t have said what I said. My smoking buddy in class was giving me hell about quitting because I was pregnant…and one of our other class mates asked me how I quit..when I said ‘cold turkey’ he was like ‘well chew some gum that should help’ I couldn’t resist..I just stared at him and said deadpan..’dude when you’ve been smoking as long as I have chewing gum is like wearing a condom while jacking off.’ Ooops..teacher heard bad.

So beyond that I went over and hung out at MEB’s as long as I could because of my leg and the issues with that and came home to some issues.

Long day people I’m praying this one will be slower/quieter.


Potty Training woes

April 29, 2008

We were doing so good. There was light at the end of the tunnel and a life without diapers (at least for this one) was in view. Then he got a stomach bug and had really bad poopy issues so I let him wear a pull up all the time for about a week while his stomach sorted itself out because he had no control over himself and was getting increasingly panicky and hysterical with each incident.

Finally it all seemed to be sorted out and he was better…and I went back to underwear today. Apparently we lost -all- ground we had gained. I have had -four- accidents yesterday even with me forcing him to try to go potty every hour on the hour and two of them were bm’s and one of them was bad enough it required a freaking -bath- to get cleaned up.

I am incredibly frustrated right now. Not with him though he does earn a little ire for his -repeated- adamant assurances that he knows when he has to go to the potty regardless of the evidence that he is -not- getting it. But more with myself. I don’t know what I could have done differently, he was hysterical and scared of not being able to predict and control his body and giving him the pull ups took off the pressure and gross out factor of him having to change his pants and underwear after each time his body betrayed him. I feel like I’ve failed though, I know consistency is the most important thing in this situation but I’m just so at the end of my tether.

We started this whole thing -last August- people. I got Jacksyn trained in two months..and one of those months was taken off when it became apparent he wasn’t ready. TT is -nothing- like Jack. Jack hated to be wet, hated even more to be messy and got it very quickly that his body was telling him ahead of time. Hunter? doesn’t seem to care. At least lately he’s been showing me when he’s gone to the potty but it’s more like a ‘sigh..guess we gotta change again’ thing more than an ‘oh gosh I had an accident!’. The last messy incident he had in his underwear yesterday which was way messier than I’ll ever describe and -way- yucky…he didn’t even -mention- to me. I figured it out after having asked him repeatedly for the 20 minutes previously if he had to go potty by the smell coming off of him.

He was so absorbed with his playdough and his tv show that he just didn’t care that he had made a mess bad enough that required him to be hosed down and bleach involved in the cleaning up process. I don’t know what to do people. I don’t want to think that this is hopeless..but I’m running out of ideas on what to do to make this better.

My Guilty Pleasures

April 28, 2008

Ok, so now that I’ve exposed some of the cute things my son does…it’s time to throw my dirty secrets out into the open and throw myself on the court of public opinion. Remember, it’s only through sharing and understanding that we can make a real connection. Mockery will only earn you the same in return!

  1. I love professional Bull Riding. I know, I know it’s so stereotypical to be living in texas and like professional Bull Riding. I can’t help it though, and I don’t like it for the reasons you think I do. I like it because I find it vastly amusing to see grown men pit themselves against a thousand pounds of pissed off animal. I understand the rules, and the mechanics of it and I respect the athleticism of the riders, but at the same time I can’t help staring at it like some sort of trainwreck. It does say something about me that the only sport I pay attention to is one that a person can actually die doing.
  2. I love shows about paranormal stuff. I watch Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Haunted History and occasionally Most Haunted. I am not convinced that there are ghosts, but I love watching people wander about in the dark spooking themselves out. I have to admit that Ghost Hunters has gotten to me a couple of times but I always remind myself it’s a reality tv show and those things are -always- staged. Still, I am addicted to them.
  3. I occasionally read trashy romance novels. My reading selection right now is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (a book lent to me by a class mate that I am reading out of obligation because even though I know it’s supposed to be brilliant I find it slightly annoying), a JFK conspiracy book (I found it on clearance and I live near Dallas I’m fairly sure that it’s required reading at that point), a book on the history and death of the Cathars (actually very interesting read indeedy), a profiling novel by John Douglas (I highly recommend anything by him by the by) and a trashy scottish highland romance novel. I can not explain the trashy novels with anything other than sometimes your brain needs a snickers bar. Take that as you will.
  4. There are other reality television shows that I watch. I’m a huge fan of Project Runway, American Idol, Top Chef, Dinner Impossible, and So You think You can Dance. However, I defend myself by saying that they are all at the higher end of the spectrum in reality shows being that they show someone with talent competing to do something brilliant. I still realize that it’s reality tv mush but hey at least I’m not sinking down to the Flava Flav love show yet. Though it does look interesting doesn’t it?
  5. I have a incredibly obnoxious sweet tooth. I am forever baking some new recipe of something and then eating perhaps a slice of whatever it is and shoving the rest of it down the gullets of friends or throwing it away. I threw away at least half of the christmas cookies I made and frankly it annoyed even me. I am always looking for something and never -quite- finding it. It could be worse I guess, I could be swallowing the whole of the desserts I make without enjoying it and wearing the weight of my efforts without any pleasure.

So there is some of my guilty secrets. I’m sure I’ll think of more and shove them up here when I have nothing to say because these list things are scarily easy to do in advance and save them for days that I’m not up for actual blogging. Ha! A final guilty pleasure for ya!


April 27, 2008

Lest I forget how much ER’s suck, last night I wandered into anther one for a three and a half hour fest. See there’s this hard swollen spot on my left leg that is now making my entire leg swell up and hurt. I figured I might want to get it checked out when it started to hurt if I was walking and only felt alright if I had it elevated.

I managed to get in, get an ultrasound on my leg, blood taken and all of that. Apparently I have cellulitis which is an infection of the skin. I’m on antibiotics and ordered to not move as much as possible. So yeah.

Beyond that everything is going on. I got red meat lastnight in the form of hamburgers and managed to watch a bit of the golden compass before we drug ourselves off to the ER. Really, that and an abundance of food network programs yesterday (Barefoot Countessa and Good Eats in specific) nothing much has happened. I need to burn my history professor a copy of a movie that I think he’ll enjoy and actually read the things that I should for the up and coming test on tuesday.

I also need to get to the campus on Monday and see an adviser about the summer semester while figuring out who I beg to help me with day care of TT while I’m in class. Also need to get Loren and TT put in the medical system somehow, even if it involves a gun to Loren’s head.

Right now though I’m going to go make some malt o meal and finish the golden compass.

And elevate my leg.

There goes the cereal

April 26, 2008

One of the surest signs I have that I’m pregnant is when breakfast cereal begins to taste like ass to me. It happened before I took the recent life altering test and before I knew I was pregnant with TT as well. This time though I had prayed that the uckiness would pass quickly.

It has not. I got some great chocolate marshmallow concoction and it tasted like complete ass.  I guess I’ll have to dose it out to TT in small increments.

In other news this does mean that all the sudden maple and brown sugar malt-o-meal will taste -fabulous- if the previous pregnancy is any indication.  I know that this is a lot of talk about food lately but I’m in that portion of pregnancy where -nothing- seems to taste right and I am always hungering for something I can’t figure out. I’ve narrowed it down to being meat though.

Beyond the food though, nothing much is going on. I was supposed to go over to MEB’s yesterday but I think we both fell down on the calling and planning it out thing, mostly because I was sleeping most of the day and she’s incredibly stressed out. I did have a call with my dad and realized that going to summer classes is going to be more difficult than I thought possible. It’s looking like I’m going to have to beg someone to watch Hunter for a couple hours in the morning. I was going to take two classes this summer semester but with the longer classes more days of the week thing I think that’s going to be impossible.

I was hoping that by taking two classes this semester and three next semester that I could have at least seven courses under my belt before I went on maternity leave. I guess now I’ll just have to figure out something else.

Today will be slow and languorous and sponsored by Food Network while I try to narrow down exactly what it is I’m starving for. All I have is meat right now. I’m sure it’s more specific though.