So, you ever wake up, look around your house and realize you’re only one level of filth away from pig pen? Yeah that was me this morning, trudging out of bed making my way to the computer and thinking about what I wanted to write I realized as I turned my head that my living room looked like ass.

Not your regular ass either, but crazy scary ass with bags everywhere. So I hauled my butt up and began to clean. Now I’ve picked up the livingroom, bathroom, and Hunter’s room. I need to vacuum but I can face waiting to do that until after I’ve blogged.

Now if I can get Rose off of my lap we’ll be all good.

I love cats, well I love most of my cats..Jareth works on the nerves occasionally and his new habit of bringing in live Lizards and letting them loose in my house is completely horrifying. I only say that because sometime after he brings in the lizard he or Rose kills it and leaves it at the foot of my bed as some sort of love offering. Believe me, potentially squishing  a dead lizard with my foot at six in the morning when I wander off to go pee is -not- how you want to start your day.

Right, so back to the love. I love my cats of course, but ever since I lost Faile I’ve been reserved from them. Cuddles and pets and snuggles but I can take it or leave it. However, Rose has decided that way of being is completely over. She has chosen me. Forget the fact that it was Loren who campaigned for her, forget the fact that he’s the one who vies for her attention. I’m her human.  It’s me that she sleeps on, it’s me that she follows around. She decides how much I can study, how much I can be on the internet and I am -never- allowed in the bathroom alone. I keep trying to tell her that she’s working on a closed heart that has been filled by a sassy tortishell, but she just flicks her tail, headbutts my chin and demands more petting.

Silly cats.

So class has been good this week, boring because it’s basically my English teacher meandering about trying to teach and failing miserably, and my history teacher desperately trying to catch us up for tests. I’ve got a bit of work to do in English and of course ontop of having to revise an essay and write another one he gave us homework because….he’s a jerk.

Beyond that it’s been quiet and all of that, I planned on doing a pot roast on wensday but managed to spend too long at the yarn store with MEB and had to freeze it..I’ll see Loren’s schedule and figure out when to do it next week. Really I have nothing else to say right now which is probably why I haven’t blogged in a few days.

I’m going to go make an egg salad sandwhich and figure out how to get to Miss Fayne’s sometime this weekend to check on the sock progress.


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