Do I have to go to school?

So I managed to do the re-write on the second essay and teach myself MLA style as I did it because…god forbid my english teacher teaches me something that might be useful down the road.

I also managed to get three quarters of the way through a learning log, and now I’m futzing with the rest of it plus the four others behind it that need to be done ontop of the dang essay in question. I’m not bitter I’m just highly irritated.

And I’m hungry. I think I shall make myself a bagel, procure some caffeine and sit down and write until the bs starts making sense.

I got some new music yesterday, some stuff that interested me and I hoped would make good study stuff. Basically I took a leaf out of Lissa’s book and got some chicks that I thought I might enjoy. So far I’m really enjoying Sara Bareilles, I also got Emmy Rossum (I am not so sure about her but hey I’ll give it a try.) and Ana Nalick. So I’ve covered pop girls fairly well. I got some Jack Johnson and John Mayer as well as Portishead, Poe, Heart and Amy Winehouse. I’m fairly strange I know.

I’ve been asked to make some more of my Mix CD’s and I’m fairly excited, it’s nice to be thought of as someone who puts together some good music. I’ve got all of the cd’s Loren has and all the music I have and I should be able to make some interesting stuff once I get a chance.

Which I’m not going to get a chance if I don’t start working on finishing that english stuff. Grump. So the plan for today should be just going on to school, maybe MEB’s tonight and then home. Loren has tomorrow off so I’m hoping to shove the kid off onto him and get some alone time some how.

I’m starting to feel twitchy and my patience is wearing thin I fear. Time to get out and re-charge the batteries.

Right first, stupid Learning Logs.


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