Hoppy Easter Everyone!

So yesterday I got up obscenely early for us, and hid eggs all around the house for TT and waited for everyone to get up.

I managed to call all of my family to wish them a Happy Easter before they got up, and got to watch TT loose his little mind over the search and the basket. I made the mistake of buying him some bath toys for his basket and then was informed very sternly that we were having a bath..right now.

After his bath, we got all the fixings for breakfast and made our way over to Miss Fayne’s for the day. It’s a long standing tradition that we make huge southern breakfasts on holidays and we have missed a few this past year, so it was great to do it once more. Bacon, Sausage, Biscuits, Eggs, Pancakes, Fried Potatoes, it was a heart attack on a plate. Delicious though, and one of those things you only do once every few months.

After that, we threw the kids outside to play, and hung out and talked. I wound up the ruby slippers yarn for Fayne and began her socks while we talked and stuff. It was really nice, we rounded it out with some bbq and then we came home and crashed early.

It was a nice quiet day. I meant to do some Lamb for dinner over here, unfortunately I didn’t find any in the store, so I got a pot roast. I will do that one on Wensday now  along with the asparagus and fixings I got to go along with it. I however, have already gotten into the strawberry cake I got to go along with the dinner and I regret nothing.

Tonight though, Loren closes so I’m either eating over at MEB’s house with the boys and the gaming night, or I’m having my simple go to meal of Cheese tortellinis  italian sausage and tomato basil classico. It’s simple easy and tast, some of the most important  things about a meal to me.

Right now , I’m waiting for Loren to finish the  dishes so I can take the eggs from yesterday and make egg salad for sandwhiches. I fear that it will be the old staple of egg salad, mushy and tasty on white bread. I’m adventurous but not that much and besides Loren and Ninja like that..Fayne does as well but she’s on a new strict regime and will not be taking part of my fatty eggy goodness.

After I make the egg salad, I’ll be trying to figure out how to do MLA documentation on my old paper, and then starting the new paper and remembering that I go to class tomorrow. And trying not to cry about that. It will be hard but I am making the effort.

Have a nice day everyone, I hope your easter was lovely.


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