I still suck at this title thing

I’m not sure which is worse, the kiddo refusing to eat because I put milk on his cereal (heaven forbid) or Rose clawing up my chest and neck in her vulgar display of luvre as she sits in my lap.

Good morning people, welcome to the -real- glamorous life. Right now I’m listening to Sesame Street, and arguing with Hunter who is totally against milk on his cereal and refusing to eat it. However, I put my foot down and now he is eating them.

Yesterday was a long potty training day..Two pairs  of pants and underwear and my temper severely frayed when he started -playing- in the puddle of urine he made in the kitchen. He laughed and told me ‘Mommy I pee-pee’d in my pants!’ while slipping and sliding his feet in the puddle under him. I have no idea what to do about this. Most kids are against getting pee on them..mine plays in his.

We had a lot of successful potty experiences though! I had to ask him to go every hour on the hour and reward him shamelessly for those successes but I thought that we were over the isn’t it funny I peed on myself part. I’m a little bit frustrated if you can’t tell. We will continue trying though because I really want him to get over this in time to go to school.

Beyond that, there’s not much to talk about. Still working on the Kaffe Socks, they are going somewhat well if not a bit slowly. Miss Fayne et all will come back tomorrow morning at the butt crack of dawn and I have to go pick her up. Thats about it. I’m not sure what we’ll be doing today but I’m fairly sure it will be involving taking TT somewhere to go play. I think he needs to get out of the house and do something. Maybe it’s just me that needs to get out of the house and do something.

I think tomorrow is lunch with Lissa for her birthday and then I’ll nip over to the yarn store to pick up some coral sock yarn for my step mom. This is of course because I have a store credit burning a hole in my pocket and we all know that won’t last.  I also want to find a yarn to make this which I got off of Enchanting Juno and found to be very charming.  I’m also thinking of taking out the soul sucking shawl and starting to do something like this  I really want to do this one but I figure I should start simple first right?

Right well I’m off to go look through some other patterns for things that amuse me and hopefully today will be bright and sunny without any urine playing.


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