Here comes the Sun

So another day and I still haven’t even cracked  a book to begin my essay. I think that I’m taking this spring break thing -way- too seriously people. I should have begun my “Learning Logs” and started gnashing my teeth. Instead I’ve watched an obscene amount of Medium, Law and Order, and knitted and cleaned.

So yeah, I should feel guilty but I don’t. What I -do- feel is an urge to go out and go traveling somewhere.  However, thanks to the Rotten No good Lousy Bank of America this is not a option any more.

So I’ll knit some more I guess. I broke down and started the slightly garish and very red Kaffe Socks yesterday, increasing the whole thing by two stitches seemed to help. Well four stitches two on both top and bottom. Also for future endeavors, say the other sock and the other sock yarns…I did make one for three rows, with just one round of knit after, then from fourteen to fifteen make one, two rounds of knit, from fifteen to seventeen make one one round of knits..then from seventeen to twenty make one two rounds of knit and it seemed to make a perfect toe.

For those of you who have no idea what knitting is about I’m sorry..and for Lissa who is lifting her eyebrow and giving the screen ‘woman are you crazy’ look…listen I hate the deep toe that totally doing the two rounds do but I wanted a little more depth to the toe this time to make sure I had the sizing right ok?

Right, so I’m not going to blather about Knitting anymore. I’m going to blather about how I’m thinking that with the bone head economy bump that W is sending out that I’m going to lobby for a new camera. I appreciate the ones that my family have sent me but getting them to interface with my comp is not working out well.  I’d like a new one so I could take pics of TT and of my knitting and the like. No pics of me though I hate pics of me.

Miss Fayne got a good camera off of eBay for not too much Christmas before last, so I’m thinking I could do it as well.  Speaking of Miss Fayne her trip up to Washington is not going as well as it could and I have the strong urge to go up and kick some familial booty for her. Go read her blog for details but let me assure you had my family done to me what they did to her and her kids it would have quickly become a lets bail Jess out of Jail party. She handled the situation with much more grace and poise than I would I’m afraid.

Blah alright, I’m done blathering for the day and I’m off to go get some breakfast and figure out what I need to do for today.


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