So I haven’t written. I think it’s spring break for the blog as well eh? Nothing major has happened well major things have happened but they are so distressing and so irritating that I have no words for them besides “I hate Bank of America with a severe passion”. Lets leave it at that alright?

Time to find a new bank and hope that they won’t dream of new and inventive ways of screwing me ten ways from sunday. It’s a dream, and I can dream it.

Beyond that in more horrific news I had to totally frog the Kaffe sock of Doom (which Lissa by the way finds appalling and garish but need I remind her of the monkey socks of easter egg puke and the polka dot socks she is contemplating? we all have our horrible knitting passions woman) Because I apparently made it too small somewhere in the makeup and even though I put the heel like…on my actual heel with twenty rows -of- heel it was too small.

Fine. I can take a damn hint once in a while.

So I got that one frogged and I got more Kaffe Sock yarn in a scary but interesting red color way and now I have no idea what I’m going to do. Probably work on my cabling for the tank, or the sweater or whatever.

I want to start on Miss Fayne’s red slipper socks but I don’t know her foot size and so I have to wait for her to come back from Washington to begin them. However right now I haven’t heard from her since she left so I’m beginning to get worried.

The rest of my two day hiatus was reorganizing mine and the boys closet and cleaning up our rooms. Beyond that? not much happened. Which was nice.  I wish I had more to say and was more interesting but I’m running on about five and a half hours of sleep right now and I’m not up for much.

I’ll be witty and thought provoking soon.


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    sinwagon Says:

    Hey….I’m going to call you tonight around 10ish your time..k?

    Love you,

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